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Little People Problems

“I can’t believe foreigners are in our apartment!” “Won’t they think India is dirty?” Her face wrinkles in concern as she eyes Ammu and Pattu as they soar on the squeaky swings. I look at them too and answer the girl in front of me with questions of my own. We trade replies and she […]

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Softer Edges

I sit on the concrete steps leading to a makeshift park. Ammu swings, a blur of green against the brown. The bright green of the moss at the bottom of the AC unit is disconcerting. The hum of the compressor, the plinnnck plinnnck of the swing surrounds me as I sit in silence, ruminating on […]

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Moving landmarks. Fading memories.

Catching up on the day’s events, something K said over phone caused me to choke and pause for a bit. He had been to M.G Road in Bangalore today and said India Coffee House is moving. I felt an emotion akin to closing of the Woodlands Drive In in Madras. Both these places have one […]

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Once upon a train

There were two wide eyed chatty girls moving away from home for the first time. Their daddy dears accompanied them to the then happening city that was Bangalore. Settling in to a new hostel, shopping around for essentials and getting to work first day was eventful but what followed in the years following was even […]

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A walk to remember

These days I work out of an office in Bangalore. I just love it. In some ways it feels like I have never been away. I love the chaos, the colors, the energy and of course the sound of Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu all around me. My first day at work here was more […]

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