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COVID-19 Diaries: Dilemma

I lace up Laddu’s new hi-top shoes. She tests them out tentatively. I force a fleece jacket on top of her already cozy top. Her school bag is heavy. Her literature anthologies, fundations journals, composition books, iPad, charger, water bottle and lunch box weigh her down. She is ready though, masked, eyes twinkling and raring […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: In A Rut

Life post book release has gone from adrenaline highs, early morning zoom calls and, signing books to thinking of it all in the past. Work is busy. The children are starting online school in less than a week. Our routine is predictable most days. I wake early, have kaapi with Amma, walk for half an […]

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Fleeting Childhood

She is staring out the window, a stuffed bear under her elbow, a piece of paper with the drawing of a little girl in her hand. In a week she will set foot into a new era. One in which her life will be ruled by teachers, friends and timers. In the eight months she […]

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New Beginnings

I woke to the sounds of Laddu crying at 4:30 AM. Bringing her back to bed with me, we snuggled and she slept, an arm around my neck, her hair tickling my nose. Me? I was wide awake. For the past three months, mornings have been relaxed, days have been organic, eating, sleeping and playing […]

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The Last Days Of Summer

“Amma! Amma! There are eggs near the slide!” Pattu’s face is flush with excitement as she runs to me. I am at the patio door, half heartedly keeping an eye on them. I walk with her to see these mysterious eggs. They lie hidden in the grass, white, oval, spongy almost and small. Deciding to […]

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The End of Summer

It occurred to me at the beginning of August that I probably should start sorting through the kids clothes assessing what to keep and what to throw. I let the thought slide. There are four more weeks before school starts. Plenty of time right? Wrong! So, here I am with a day to go before […]

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Spreading their wings

I circle the low-slung building that houses the elementary school scanning the sides for parking. Even as I despair of finding one, I spy a red arrow pointing further down for additional parking. The clock reads 5:55 PM. I park and hold the girls close as I follow the crowd to the doors. A few […]

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Unharried moments

In a couple of hours, we will wind down what has been an uneventful yet memorable two weeks of staycation. Each day started predictably with the twins snuggling in bed with us. What followed was largely dictated by the weather and where their rich imaginations led them. Some days they built towers with blocks mimicking […]

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