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Four Years Old: This Little Baby Of Mine

“Amma, they don’t know sowkyama, nanna irruken…” “What is the word for kaaram?” Laddu is in the backseat trying to convince me that her friends at school do not know Tamil. We have a conversation each morning on the way to her school. Some days she muses on the speed of my driving. Other days […]

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The everyday mothering

She walks with her entire body, propelling herself with everything she has got. I watch my seventeen month old as she strides purposefully to the pantry door. She raises herself on her toes and hangs on the handle pushing it down and pulls the door toward her. I am astonished, proud and amazed at what […]

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One turn around the sun

You sit up next to me, your fingers prying my mouth open. I open one eye, not yet ready to wake. I feign sleep and turn around. I feel your chubby hands pulling my hair. Unable to resist your overtures, I push the covers away and sit up. You hold my shoulder and pull yourself […]

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Heart over head

The leaves rustled and swirled in the wake of the car before me. As they settled into myriad patterns, I drove past leaving them swirling again. The sunlight streamed through the windshield, the leaves came floating down. Shades of yellow, orange and red. On a different day, I would have been struck by its beauty. […]

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Falling in love

It is late afternoon. I sit with my baby on my arm. Her head is cradled by the crook of my elbow and the rest of her ensconced along the length of my arm. I hold her close and bend down to touch my lips to her forehead. She scrunches her face and looks towards […]

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Do tell

When it came time to drop your little one in a daycare (home or school) how did you do it? Did it cold turkey. Dropped baby off and did not turn back Dropped baby at school. Spent a few minutes playing and snuck out when I would not be missed. Walked in, put baby down […]

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We are paper pregnant!

Yup. We are. Well!! Almost! About three months back, K and I made the decision to grow our family through adoption. It had been on our minds for a couple of years now but this June we decided to take the steps necessary to make it a reality. The first step in the process was […]

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