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Film Review: the half of it

About twenty-three years ago, I created my first personal email account. It was an account that I shared with my best friend. It was also an account that saw a lot of emails go back and forth with “pen pals”, people we did not know. There were no smartphones, no way to scan and send […]

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All My Life In One Walk

I start off slow, picking up speed as I scale the gentle slopes leading away from home. The music is gentle starting with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. I imagine the sawdust on my bare feet, leaning into broad shoulders and slow dancing. Things that would never happen in real life. I turn the bend and my […]

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In Rainbows And Colors, She Rests

It arrives in the form of a grave email, the somber tone, the weight of the words taking time to sink. It steeps in me, slowly. I feel it in my eyes, in my throat, in the pit of my stomach. I call out to my children who are working on Math. I share with […]

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Waiting to have my blood drawn as part of some routine checks, I noticed this in the waiting area. I couldn’t help smiling to myself. As K summed it – thodappa kattai in a chatti (brooms in a pot). As we waited, we ended up discussing decor and what is Art. Growing up, I remember lots of […]

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