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I was a happy bride!

Yes. Amma and I watched my wedding video. Full five hours of meticulous ceremonies and brightly clad people. Over the past seven years, I would have watched my wedding video probably three times in full. Yesterday as we were done dinner and sat around not knowing what to do, I had this brainwave. As we […]

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Kaapi – where it all starts

Background: My visions of a perfect morning can never be complete without a steaming tumbler of coffee resting on a steel dabara. Growing up my mom used to brew it in a way that has now become my standard to emulate. 100% peaberry, no chicory, medium roast and brewed using a regular stainless steel filter. […]

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Time dulls the pain…

This day last year, the doctors officially let us know my dad was no more. In many ways it was confirmation of a fact we were mentally preparing for. For days after questions lingered. The pain was sharp at times, the tears fast and furious. Anger alternated with grief. A few months passed, my sister […]

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