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Disengage. Disconnect. Disavow.

My jaws feel tight. There is an invisible band that stretches ear to ear wrapping around the base of my skull. I massage my jaw. I open and close my mouth like a fish hoping it will loosen that tightness I feel. I walk around coaxing blood flow to my neck. Most days I feel […]

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Natural instincts

For days, the anxiety has been building. A feeling of restlessness and a fear that I will never be prepared enough. A week back, I trudged to the basement and hauled a suitcase two floors up. It sat there on my dresser collecting toys and odd scraps of paper that the twins decided was essential […]

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The beginning

I woke up to an alert on my phone notifying me that I officially am in the third trimester today. Putting the phone down, I rested my palms on my tummy feeling tiny kicks. “I love you” I whispered before I swung my legs over to slide off the bed. As the day wore on, […]

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Ever happen to you?

You start your day fixated on a specific time. Watch the clock and the phone or email if waiting for an update. Something as important to you say as your sister meeting a potential suitor or your mom returning from a doctor appointment? As the time nears you feel an excitement that only your poor […]

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