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Thank You For Coming To My TED Talk

“Thank you for coming to my TED talk!” I almost laugh out loud as my inner voice makes this statement in my head. Most mornings, I am on the elliptical walking at a moderate pace while my thoughts and ideas jump from place to place. One day I imagine my book signing. I let my […]

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Letters to my daughters, Musings

Letters To My Daughters: On Adulting

Dear kutties, My Amma bought a diamond earring for me when I was in sixth grade. My first saree happened right after school. I learned to make dosais, shred coconut, grind chutneys sometime in middle school. I could be a functional adult by the time I left home. I’d like to think all of that […]

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A message worth repeating

Getting my daily fix of news, this letter from Michelle Obama stood out and spoke to me. So much so that I had to link it here. Have a good Friday everyone and happy weekend!

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Plan your work and work your plan

Speaking to my FIL as is our weekly ritual, K and I listened to him recount his weekly updates and we waited our turn to catch up on our side of things. Talking to him about a personal milestone we reached we were thrilled by his genuine happiness that was evident from the voice on […]

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What would you do?

How do we go about shielding loved ones from hurt? When I hear someone I care about being upset or hurt about something I have no control on. I ache. I ache for the person feeling bad. I feel frustrated and helpless. Sometimes my frustration appears harsh. In the process of trying to make things […]

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