Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

If like me, you watched horrified yesterday as a man nominated to the highest court in the country ranted and raved. If like me, you wondered why was his nomination was not delayed to give time to probe the accusations, this is what I want to say to you: Register to vote if you have … Continue reading Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

I Am Jane Doe – Terrifying, Gripping and All Too Real

Late last night, I tucked my youngest into bed and watched her fall asleep before I crept away to the comfort zone that is my laptop. After writing a post that was a look back on 16 years of wedded bliss, I turned to Netflix. I scrolled through the sections aimlessly until my eyes stopped … Continue reading I Am Jane Doe – Terrifying, Gripping and All Too Real

Translating Angst Into Activism

A little after 8:00 PM I sat at my desk, headphones on, still breathing heavily from having rushed through chores post dinner. The glass doors to the study were locked and the children peered from the outside. I waved and turned my attention to the screen. A video conference with over 220 people from all … Continue reading Translating Angst Into Activism