A Letter To Her

Dear Anamika, Yes. That is the name I choose to give you for naming is claiming. I don’t know you, yet I do. I have heard you in the quiet sobs across a static filled phone line, the silence saying more than words do. I have heard you across from me, coffee mugs cooling in … Continue reading A Letter To Her

Reflections On Relationships

I am on the phone with my cousin. I have it on speaker, tucked into my blouse as I clatter and clang washing dishes. She puts up with the noise and me as we trade notes on our week. I hang up and feel a physical wave of gratitude wash over me for her time … Continue reading Reflections On Relationships

Womanhood – Then, Now and Later

“Have you watched this movie…” Amma trailed off trying to remember the name of the movie that was playing on screen back in Chennai. We fell into a discussion on social mores then and now and the position of women in families and in society. As the conversation veered to Women’s Day, I asked if … Continue reading Womanhood – Then, Now and Later


The view out the balcony mirrors my mood. Patches of grey sky peek in between the dense upper branches of the tree by the apartment block. Dead limbs hang limp. Tiny buds peek through the very tips of the healthy ones.  I hear raised voices again from the other side. I feel my body shake. … Continue reading Inequities