Midterms 2022

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If you are here because you followed a QR code, my heartfelt gratitude.

November 8th 2022 is election day here in the US. It is the day of the mid-term elections. All elections are important but this mid-term is crucial for many reasons. If, like me you live in Pennsylvania and in Chester County, please realize your vote counts a lot. This election cycle we are voting for a US Senator to replace Senator Toomey. We are also electing a new Governor to replace Governor Wolf. We have US House representatives who are running for office again. In all, it is crucial that we vote in those voices that align with ours.

All down ballot races and seats that are being filled in our PA house and Senate are critical for the below reasons.

As a mother and a fiercely independent woman, I strongly believe abortion is a deeply personal issue that a person should be able to decide on with their near and dear ones and their doctor.

By electing candidates who share our values, we may be able to prevent the senate bill 106 to make it on to the ballot in the 2023 primary. Here’s what at stake:

The Senate Bill 106:
Amends constitution to say that constitution grants no right to an abortion
• Requires voters to present a voter ID when casting their ballots
• Provides for the auditing of elections and election results
• Allows the legislature to pass concurrent resolutions, which the governor cannot veto, to disapprove of regulations
along with a couple of non-controversial amendments.

These are on track to appear in the primary election next year, which is usually low turnout event.

Our mission is to ensure this is not a low turnout event. We need to show up and make our voice count.

Vote and vote for pro choice candidates. See padems.com/candidates to see all the Democratic candidates on your ballot.

Please share this link among your friends. We can make a change if we all stand up for each other and do our civic duty

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