Goodbye, 2020. Welcome 2021.

Photo by Disha Sheta on It is New Year’s eve as I write this. My morning has been productive. I’ve cooked an elaborate meal of vendekka morkuzhambu, beans parupu usili with ample help from Amma. I have two batches of Jalapeno bread proving in the oven, I also have four rounds of laundry in … Continue reading Goodbye, 2020. Welcome 2021.

Year In Review: 2018

Each year draws to a close, I skim through all that I have written over the year and relive pockets of time from each month. January started with news of my father-in-law breaking his hip. Saathi traveled to help him while I held the fort, taking solace in routine and school. February brought with it … Continue reading Year In Review: 2018

Turning A Page

It is late afternoon, it is already dark outside. I am not showered yet. The twins are crooning to songs from Moana. The youngest and the husband are still napping. It is the first day of the New Year. I feel like I should be doing something to mark it. Go shower, rinse away the … Continue reading Turning A Page

Year In Review

As 2015 draws to a close, I set time aside for my annual ritual. I scan each month starting with January and realize it has been an eventful year. The brutal cold, mountains of snow and being stuck at home marked the beginning of the year. With the spring thaw came birthdays, dresses, yard work … Continue reading Year In Review

The year that was: The little big things

Each year in the last weeks of December, I dredge out old forgotten memories, haunt my blog and reflect on the months past. I travel back in time to the January that started with so much promise and pause to think if the year lived up to it. I gear myself mentally for the year … Continue reading The year that was: The little big things

The rearview mirror

As the weekend comes to a close and I reflect on two wonderfully relaxing, quiet days that wrapped up my birthday, I feel introspective. It has been a wonderful year. A year filled with happiness as the pervasive theme. As is a tradition I have set for myself, here is the year in review. January … Continue reading The rearview mirror