Jaded, Faded.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com Laddu was at her school desk painstakingly taping Dum-Dum pops to her dinosaur sticker valentine cards. She was excited. It is all she has been talking about this week. Today, when she is back home, she will bring with her a box full of valentine cards, an assortment of … Continue reading Jaded, Faded.

Love, The Cheesy Commercial Version

I roam the aisles of Target as I wait for prescriptions to be filled. Laddu’s hand is in mine. She stops every now and then, pointing, asking, demanding. We meander to the back of the store where hearts are hung from the ceiling and the predominant color is red. I look through the mostly empty … Continue reading Love, The Cheesy Commercial Version

Love In The Times Of Middle Age

Anniversaries have this way of inspiring reflection on who we were, who we are now. Each year as the week of Valentine’s day comes around, Saathi and I talk about the day we met and how we decided in a couple of hours that we were to be partners in life. I don’t think I … Continue reading Love In The Times Of Middle Age

A little love goes a long way

After a long day marked by bouts of work, agonizing over my paper due for class and walking around the local Walmart I was on the couch listlessly browsing pretty late in the evening when the phone rang. Noticing the India number my heart skipped a beat. It was K.  Calling him back at the … Continue reading A little love goes a long way

Valentine Day Memories

As I sat immersed in work (totally unlike me) this morning, I heard someone behind me and turned.  A friend from work held out a pretty pink bag with hearts on it. Happy Valentine's Day! she said. The bag contained hand made chocolates. I was touched and honored to be remembered and counted in her … Continue reading Valentine Day Memories

Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time

Logging on to Google Reader, I saw many on my list link back to the Pink Chaddi Campaign. I was intrigued by the name and read on to nod my head in agreement and smile with amusement. I will definitely raise a toast to Indian Women this Saturday. As far as the pink chaddi goes, … Continue reading Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time