Vacation Tales

We (my children and I) returned from a ten-day trip to Texas late last night. Exhaustion had us sleeping well into the morning. All day today I unpacked and prepped for the week ahead. Milk boiled away in anticipation of making curds. The grinder whirred all evening making a fine silky batter of rice and … Continue reading Vacation Tales

Coming Home

“Alexa, play songs by Justin Bieber,” commands Pattu. Alexa obliges. The twins dance, arms outstretched, head thrown back, smiles lighting up their faces. They are the picture of abandon. I am struck by the difference. I stand in the kitchen watching them for a while. Ammu notices me and runs up. Her arms are around … Continue reading Coming Home

Wrapping Up

I am in the balcony waiting to capture flying pigeons on my phone when it hits me that this vacation is drawing to a close. The clothes flap above me on lines and the smells of cooking from the adjoining apartment waft my way. I head back to the cool interiors to beat the heat … Continue reading Wrapping Up

Playing Tourist

We stack into a mid size sedan and set off from our quiet residential neighborhood in the heart of the city. As the cab comes to a halt at the first traffic light, I look out the window, taking in my city with new eyes. The billboards stare down at me hawking things I have … Continue reading Playing Tourist

Reliving a vacation

I leaned over the balcony facing the road and watched the two fathers and three kids disappear around the bend. The image stuck with me for a long time. The sight of my twins holding their chitappa's hand and my niece holding my husband's hand as they watched for traffic to slow before they crossed. … Continue reading Reliving a vacation

Trip Report – West coast covering Bay Area, Seattle and Vancouver.

K and I set out two Thursdays back, tugging a 50 lb suitcase and two carry on baggage as we looked forward to ten or more days of spending time with friends and family. Reaching San Jose we waited for our host to pick us up. As we stood waiting in the evening glow, it … Continue reading Trip Report – West coast covering Bay Area, Seattle and Vancouver.

Three things.

1. This issue of Thoughtful Thursdays has only one entry from Suman of Thoughts Unlimited. The book reviewed is Family Matters By Rohinton Mistry. Hop over here for her review. I apologize for not having been able to get to this owing to a busier than normal work schedule. I hope to get to it … Continue reading Three things.

Sun and Surf make for lovely weekend fun! Lake George – Trip Report.

With Friday being a holiday here in the U.S., K and I decided to go on a drive to a lake nestled in the mountains in the upper reaches of New York State. Having decided to drive, we also decided to visit friends on our way to Lake George and back. Maps and directions in … Continue reading Sun and Surf make for lovely weekend fun! Lake George – Trip Report.

Bitten by the travel bug

Early Saturday morning mom and I sat with steaming mugs of coffee by our living room window as is our ritual, talking about the few months she has been here. She asked "What are the plans for tomorrow?" "Nothing." I said. She paused a moment her face looking like she was making a difficult decision … Continue reading Bitten by the travel bug

Of bullock carts and runaway wheels

As is evident now, I spend most of my free time browsing through blogs or surfing the web. On one such journey, I read a piece by a friend of mine that was wistful. Looking back on times in the countryside... ones she did not appreciate as much then as she does now. Reading her … Continue reading Of bullock carts and runaway wheels

Restless and longing to be free.

Thats how I feel today. I feel trapped in my body looking at the new project I am working on. I think of all I have going for me in my life. I do not lack much but there is this sense of discontent. I can't put my finger on what is missing. I am … Continue reading Restless and longing to be free.