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An eye opening evening

After spending all day cooped up on my couch with my laptop for company, K and I set out this evening for a leisurely visit to the temple. As we cruised along curving roads and bountiful greenery along the rustic route that took a whole 40 minutes to cover, we sat in companionable silence. An […]

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Cold rain, perky greens

Friday evening we left work in the kind of rain I hate. Incessant, dripping, cold, slow drizzle. Shivering in my short sleeved cotton shirt and the hem of my blue jean caked with mud I traipsed behind K on our weekly visit to Maisie’s Farm. A local community supported agriculture effort. We signed up just […]

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Hyphenated. So what?

Sitting in class with my stat mid term paper in hand, brows furrowed looking for avenues to increase my score, I spied a section where I was given a zero. Flipping through the pages of my textbook to the part that ‘inspired’ my answer to that particular question, I found what I was looking for. […]

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My Car. My Baby.

Waking up with a splitting headache, I downed amma’s kaapi and an Advil to boot. Dressed for the snow, I waited for my brother to show up to get a ride to the local school where I had abandoned my car late last night. Driving up as I glimpsed my car a wave of emotions […]

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