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An eye opening evening

After spending all day cooped up on my couch with my laptop for company, K and I set out this evening for a leisurely visit to the temple. As we cruised along curving roads and bountiful greenery along the rustic route that took a whole 40 minutes to cover, we sat in companionable silence. An […]

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Cold rain, perky greens

Friday evening we left work in the kind of rain I hate. Incessant, dripping, cold, slow drizzle. Shivering in my short sleeved cotton shirt and the hem of my blue jean caked with mud I traipsed behind K on our weekly visit to Maisie’s Farm. A local community supported agriculture effort. We signed up just […]

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Hyphenated. So what?

Sitting in class with my stat mid term paper in hand, brows furrowed looking for avenues to increase my score, I spied a section where I was given a zero. Flipping through the pages of my textbook to the part that ‘inspired’ my answer to that particular question, I found what I was looking for. […]

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My Car. My Baby.

Waking up with a splitting headache, I downed amma’s kaapi and an Advil to boot. Dressed for the snow, I waited for my brother to show up to get a ride to the local school where I had abandoned my car late last night. Driving up as I glimpsed my car a wave of emotions […]

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On the precipice of History

I raced against time shoving spoonfuls of food into my mouth before rushing to the packed cafeteria in our office where the TV was on and soulful music was playing and Obama stood on the precipice of History. Watching Obama take his oath in a calm composed manner and then go on to deliver a […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Image Courtesy: Montgomery County Website Maryland. As I waited to heat my breakfast in the company kitchen, I was party to a Thanksgiving dinner preparation discussion between two of my co-workers. One person was in favor of frozen turkeys and the other for fresh. They went on to detail their menu and how they were […]

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If I could I would!

Sitting across the table from me at our weekly group meeting was a middle aged gentleman. Waiting for the rest of the team to join, I asked “Vote yet?”. “Nah!” he replied. Two bad choices. Not sure if I want to vote he said. Intrigued I asked why. One with no experience and grand ideas […]

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I know this person!

Over the past week, I read “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama our presidential candidate with much interest. It has been a while since I read that kind of a book. The one that makes you feel. One that makes you feel like there is sense in the chaos that is the political landscape. […]

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Where have you been? Rice is 22$ a bag now!!

Helloji!! smiled the man at the counter of our local Indian grocers. “Been a while since I saw you here” he said in Gujarati accented Hindi. Saathi and I smiled, paused at bit by the counter and inquired after him and his family. “I have been wanting to reach you the past week” he emphatically […]

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Ahh! the smell of mulch!

Never thought I’d live to see this day. When I would proclaim my joy to the world on how much I loved the smell of mulch. Don’t get me wrong. Mulch smells and horribly too but after years of seeing the seasons change, I have finally learned to associate the smell of mulch with the […]

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