Intimate Spaces

A clutch of colorful leaves is in her long, tapered fingers. Laddu painstakingly searches for and brings them to her one by one. It turns into a bouquet. We are by a set of rocks along the road that runs parallel to the roaring horseshoe falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara. Saathi is … Continue reading Intimate Spaces

Coming Home

“Alexa, play songs by Justin Bieber,” commands Pattu. Alexa obliges. The twins dance, arms outstretched, head thrown back, smiles lighting up their faces. They are the picture of abandon. I am struck by the difference. I stand in the kitchen watching them for a while. Ammu notices me and runs up. Her arms are around … Continue reading Coming Home

Reliving a vacation

I leaned over the balcony facing the road and watched the two fathers and three kids disappear around the bend. The image stuck with me for a long time. The sight of my twins holding their chitappa's hand and my niece holding my husband's hand as they watched for traffic to slow before they crossed. … Continue reading Reliving a vacation

Back at home and loving it

K and I reached home after a short but intense and memorable trip visiting family in India. Splitting our time between Bangalore and Madras, we managed to pack in some shopping, a lot of eating and an one day trip to Mysore as well. It was as all India trips are. Vibrant, loud and cheerful. … Continue reading Back at home and loving it

My Car. My Baby.

Waking up with a splitting headache, I downed amma's kaapi and an Advil to boot. Dressed for the snow, I waited for my brother to show up to get a ride to the local school where I had abandoned my car late last night. Driving up as I glimpsed my car a wave of emotions … Continue reading My Car. My Baby.

Trip Report – West coast covering Bay Area, Seattle and Vancouver.

K and I set out two Thursdays back, tugging a 50 lb suitcase and two carry on baggage as we looked forward to ten or more days of spending time with friends and family. Reaching San Jose we waited for our host to pick us up. As we stood waiting in the evening glow, it … Continue reading Trip Report – West coast covering Bay Area, Seattle and Vancouver.

Sun and Surf make for lovely weekend fun! Lake George – Trip Report.

With Friday being a holiday here in the U.S., K and I decided to go on a drive to a lake nestled in the mountains in the upper reaches of New York State. Having decided to drive, we also decided to visit friends on our way to Lake George and back. Maps and directions in … Continue reading Sun and Surf make for lovely weekend fun! Lake George – Trip Report.

Standing at the door

After six months of having Amma over every weekend, six months of telephone calls every three hours, Amma leaves to India today. As I stood at the door waving Bye I was filled with sadness, concern, anxiety and a sense of responsibility. You see, this is the first  time Amma is traveling by herself. It … Continue reading Standing at the door

Book review – Eat pray love

I finally finished reading the book. Yayy!! To recap, starting with this post here, three weeks later than scheduled, here is my take on the book "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is 333 pages long, divided into three sections each covering the author's travels in Italy, India and Indonesia. The typeset is … Continue reading Book review – Eat pray love

Dance in the rain…

A couple of Saturdays back Amma and I sat in our bright living room early in the morn sipping tea and talking of my dad. As we immersed ourselves in the memories and sighed with a lifetime of unfulfilled wishes in our mind we were broken out of our reverie by Saathi who came bounding … Continue reading Dance in the rain…

Sleeping with a stranger

Friday night Saathi and I reached the travel agent's office on Hosur Road. The travel there was an adventure by itself. An hour through mad traffic, verbal insults and a dent on cousin in law's car saw us at this place. As we looked around for a restroom there was none. Saathi in an effort … Continue reading Sleeping with a stranger