Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

I stand at my kitchen island, an array of things spread in front of me. I work my way methodically. Greeting card first, a thoughtful note inside, a gift card taped to one side, a pashmina shawl folded to fit into a small organza bag, a tiny candy sampler. I knot and tie each back, … Continue reading Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

Recreating Traditions – Deepavali 2016

It is dusk, the light giving way to the dark as the shadows lengthen in my family room. Laddu is on my lap. I want to lie down and sleep but I am sitting ramrod straight, keeping a wary eye for gurgling noises before she throws up. Ammu and Pattu sit in matching pista green … Continue reading Recreating Traditions – Deepavali 2016

Happy Hauntings!

Over the years, Halloween is a holiday that has crept up on us. Pre-kids, Saathi and I gave out candy religiously and turned the lights out at about 8:00 PM. With the arrival of Ammu and Pattu, we gave in and got costumes for the kids and reveled in the pumpkin art they brought home … Continue reading Happy Hauntings!

Time honored traditions

As I turned the lights out last Tuesday night, the last thing imprinted on my mind were the plastic bags with fruit, flowers, parupu thengai and silver vessels laid out on the kitchen island. A day of meticulous preparation and gathering of items needed for a puja the next day at the temple. In my … Continue reading Time honored traditions

Holding on to memories and traditions – Navarathri

It was past 9:00 PM this past Tuesday. K looked weary. I was tired. Are you sure? K asked. For a moment I wavered. Perhaps it was simpler to not make the effort. To blame work and kids and life for the lack of energy. I nodded. While K picked up the stray toy in … Continue reading Holding on to memories and traditions – Navarathri

One of them pseudo maamis

As we wound down for the day, I packed away the bright yellow and black bumblebee costume along with the pink and white butterfly one sighing wistfully. The girls would have outgrown them by next year. Halloween started early with the parade in the daycare on Friday followed by the community parade today. We did … Continue reading One of them pseudo maamis

Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Ting. I glanced to see another email pop up at the corner of my screen. "Re Happy Deepavali" read the subject. I smiled as I leaned back knowing full well I could expect many more to stream in through the day. This morning as I picked people from my personal contacts list to send a … Continue reading Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Following in the footsteps of Mom

Sliding the glass doors of the showcase that houses the various knick knacks my siblings and I accumulated over the past couple of decades in our home in Madras, I paused. Littered through the glass plates that served as holders, there were a multitude of ceramic figurines. A pair of wolves, a dog, a fish, … Continue reading Following in the footsteps of Mom

Faith, Peace and an aaha moment

Rushing home Thursday evening I was filled with anticipation and a certain unknown dread. I had opted to do the Varalakshmi pujai a week later than it was normally done. I could have joined my SIL the week before. Life could have been easier. But something in me demurred. And am glad it did. The … Continue reading Faith, Peace and an aaha moment

For the men in my life

With the alarm going off at an ungodly hour this morning, I quickly realized it was Avani Avittam aka Yajur Upakarma. The one day in the year set aside for celebrating the time tested rite of passage for men. A day for renewal and learning. I woke K up and promptly went back to sleep. … Continue reading For the men in my life

To nice new beginnings!

I was on my cell phone catching up with my sister after a long  time. I heard the home phone ring and saw it was my FIL from India. Hanging up in a hurry, K and I settled on the couch with the phone on speaker. "Happy Vishu!" said my FIL and went on to … Continue reading To nice new beginnings!

Leaving the past behind

I woke up this morning with a curious mixture of anticipation and sadness. New Year's Eve is a day for introspection. A day to leaf through the months past, to keep the good memories and throw away the bad ones. Learn from the past and apply it to the future. This year for me will be … Continue reading Leaving the past behind

At crossroads in my belief system

I grew up in a conservative, rather traditional tambram family. Observing practices like ecchal, patthu, theetu and madi*. I never thought too much about it but for the theetu part. I know much has been said about it in various posts on the blogosphere and I am not bringing it up again. I also grew … Continue reading At crossroads in my belief system

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Image Courtesy: Montgomery County Website Maryland. As I waited to heat my breakfast in the company kitchen, I was party to a Thanksgiving dinner preparation discussion between two of my co-workers. One person was in favor of frozen turkeys and the other for fresh. They went on to detail their menu and how they were … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holiday Spirit?

As I labored over my first attempt at making Kaju Kathli/Cake yesterday in the evening, the house filled with smells of cardamom and saffron. The warmth from the stove was making the whole place cozy. As I poured the bubbling mixture into a greased plate and patted it into an arbitrary shape of even thickness, … Continue reading Holiday Spirit?

Ganga Snanam Aacha?

With all the excitement surrounding one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India I couldn't help but reminisce on the Deepavali's past in my life. And yes I refuse to call it Diwali. I grew up celebrating Deepavali and I will continue to address it that way 🙂 Much like Chennai and Madras I … Continue reading Ganga Snanam Aacha?

Thoughtful Thursdays – Edition Two – A Thousand Splendid Suns

Proudly presenting the second roundup of reviews for the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Husseini. Links to reviews are published below. Fear not, if you do not yet have your review in. Send it to me when done and I will link it back here. So, without much ado, here we go. Anila … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays – Edition Two – A Thousand Splendid Suns

Traditions we create

K and I share our wedding anniversary with fellow blogger UL and her husband. We got married on the exact same day. Our connections go beyond that as eloquently expressed by UL here. So, since our first anniversary we have always made it a point to visit the temple and eat outside and spent time … Continue reading Traditions we create

Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.

With every passing year, the memories seem to acquire a sepia toned feel to it. Early on in my marriage I used to relish recounting how K came to "see" me. What we talked about, how we decided to go ahead to commit to waking up to each other for the rest of our lives. … Continue reading Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.

Thoughtful Thursdays – First roundup.

For the first edition of this feature, readers were invited to read the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, write a review and send me an email with a permalink to their post. So, here it is - the very first edition of Thoughtful Thursdays. A-Kay of Lemon and Chillies has her take on … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays – First roundup.

Book review – Eat pray love

I finally finished reading the book. Yayy!! To recap, starting with this post here, three weeks later than scheduled, here is my take on the book "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is 333 pages long, divided into three sections each covering the author's travels in Italy, India and Indonesia. The typeset is … Continue reading Book review – Eat pray love