Salt and ice and everything’s not nice.

Waking up to ice sticking to trees and foggy glass windows, I groaned internally. As much as I knew I was not heading out to work in the slush I had to clear the driveway to make way for the service technician who was to look at our heater. Fortified by good Kaapi and bread, … Continue reading Salt and ice and everything’s not nice.

And there I sat.

This really happened. This past Friday, I drove myself to work. It is a rarity considering K and I work at the same place and he almost always drives the car. The day went past and it was time for me to leave. Remembering to check with K on directions to another place I wanted … Continue reading And there I sat.

Back to routine

It's amazing how little things bring order and a smile to an otherwise chaotic day. After six odd months, as K and I drove to work together, I was on my cell phone calling Amma like I always do. Just as expected, she picked the phone at first ring and my first question was "Enna … Continue reading Back to routine

Don’t you look beautiful today?

Don't you look beautiful today? She asked and nodded appreciatively as she passed me on the aisle at work. I was on my way to fill my water bottle and start my day. Since the days are warmer and I feel the lightness of Spring in my step, I usually tend to wear clothes that … Continue reading Don’t you look beautiful today?

Where have you been? Rice is 22$ a bag now!!

Helloji!! smiled the man at the counter of our local Indian grocers. "Been a while since I saw you here" he said in Gujarati accented Hindi. Saathi and I smiled, paused at bit by the counter and inquired after him and his family. "I have been wanting to reach you the past week" he emphatically … Continue reading Where have you been? Rice is 22$ a bag now!!

The Art of Praying

I ambled down the stairs awake but not quite alert and paused for a brief moment before my 'swami ull' or praying space. I light a pair of oil lamps daily first thing after I am done brushing my teeth and before I treat myself to a steaming cup of tea. Today I felt lazy. … Continue reading The Art of Praying

Waiting room musings

As I sat in the rather small waiting room of my hospital's out patient lab I could not help muse about the behaviors of people when forced to share space with totally unknown strangers for a fair amount of time. When I took my seat after handing in my paperwork I saw there were about … Continue reading Waiting room musings

Jeera rasam for the desi soul

Waiting for a friend in the lobby of her office, I picked up a worn out copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Turning over the pages vacantly, I read a few of the contributions and found myself nodding my head in agreement or going "My parents would have done the exact same thing! … Continue reading Jeera rasam for the desi soul

Whither Equality?

As I peered out the tall glass windows of my office building watching the slushy, icy mix come down, I was glad I was inside looking out unlike¬†Saathi who was out there scraping ice off the windshield and side mirrors. It was another five minutes before he pulled up by the door to pick me … Continue reading Whither Equality?

A little harder, a little further

As the timer showed 45 mins, I was disappointed. Quite unusual for me because I usually look forward to stepping off the treadmill and getting on with the rest of the day. Today was a little out of usual. This new year I have begun with renewed resolve to make walking a part of my … Continue reading A little harder, a little further