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Got to start somewhere right?

Every time a group of friends get together topics eventually meander to the state of Indian politics and the insurmountable problems in our civic structure. Every time without fail, we discuss, we sigh collectively and forget about it. So, today when I saw this email from K’s classmate, I clicked and was impressed by what […]

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Standing at the door

After six months of having Amma over every weekend, six months of telephone calls every three hours, Amma leaves to India today. As I stood at the door waving Bye I was filled with sadness, concern, anxiety and a sense of responsibility. You see, this is the firstĀ  time Amma is traveling by herself. It […]

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Once upon a train

There were two wide eyed chatty girls moving away from home for the first time. Their daddy dears accompanied them to the then happening city that was Bangalore. Settling in to a new hostel, shopping around for essentials and getting to work first day was eventful but what followed in the years following was even […]

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