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Stark reality

In the past few months, a new kind of fixation has taken hold of me. Articles on how women can have it all, cannot have it all, should have it all, should not have it all. All parts of the spectrum have been written, blogged, discussed ad nauseam. As I read each one, I nod […]

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Imagine this. All your life growing up, you took it for granted that you’d grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, build a career, have babies, go through mid life crisis, lose your parents and retire. If somewhere in this list, you hit a glitch, how do you cope? You look around […]

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Struggling with words

An idea struck me at work while helping a friend. I was in the middle of something and could not take the time to pin the words down. Through the day I wrote and rewrote it in my mind. Finally in the middle of making lunch the next morning, I translated part of it to […]

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Inertia and excitement

My third term starts tomorrow. My textbook is here and I should be rearing to go right? Instead I feel inertia. After a two week break that included no studying and catching up on TV shows, I am almost resentful that I have to spend time preparing for class and working on assignments. I know […]

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Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Exchanging pleasantries with my childhood friend over IM this morning I was telling her how kiddishly excited I was with my birthday around the corner. She promptly said “Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!” reminding me of a skit we presented in our colony on Christmas day. This friend of mine is a very […]

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Morbidly fascinating

There are some things that fascinate me. Most of them are morbid. Like Snakes. And Death. A couple of days back, K and I watched this documentary on TV. It was a movie called The Bridge and it was about people falling to their deaths from the Golden Gate bridge. Suicides. Watching person after person […]

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All my life I grew up feeling entitled to a whole lot of things like a happy childhood, loving parents, a roof over my head, clothes the way I wanted it. You name it. In the natural progression of things dictated by what my peers did, I felt entitled and more often than not, got […]

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Expressions of love

It’s class night tonight and I drove myself to work. K and I started around the same time and pulled into work one behind the other. As I picked up my handbag, my lunch bag and my school laptop in a bulky bag of its own, he stood by smiling. Every time he has offered […]

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Being Brown. Being Connected.

Madhuram and Shy both had linked back to the murder-suicide in LA by an Indian American man. I resisted writing about it because I was still processing it in my mind. On the afternoon of Oct 6th, Sepia Mutiny wrote about this tragedy. For someone who reads most of the posts on there, I skipped […]

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Yes, Yeah or Ya?

Stepping out of the room in which our weekly status meetings are held, I couldn’t help noticing the way different people responded to questions that required a simple yes or no. Most people on my team have this habit of saying “Yeah” when they mean “Yes”. And somehow that bothers me. Not sure why. May […]

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Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

That’s right! About three hours from now, we will officially be in the fall season here this side of the globe. There is something solid and reassuring about knowing the exact date and time of the change. For days now, I have been ignoring the dry patches on my leg. Body lotion was for fall. […]

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