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How Can YOU Help A Debut Author?

(The Obvious) BUY THEIR BOOK(S). Buy a second copy of their book(s) to gift to a friend. Buy a copy to donate to a school library. Review their book(s) on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, BookDepository – anywhere you can think of. Reviews get books seen. Books that are seen are books that are […]

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Product Review

Product Review: Canvas Champ

A few weeks back, a representative from Canvas Champ reached out and asked if I could provide an unbiased review of their product in exchange for one canvas print. I was wary but agreed. They sent me a code to use during checkout for a 16X20 print. The process itself was straightforward. I went to […]

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Adorably Alien

I switch off the living room lights and spend just a minute basking in the lights of the pre-lit Christmas tree. I head to the study and open my phone to 8 new notifications on my Elfkins app. All of them from Pattu. She begs me to respond to her messages collapsing into giggles at […]

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