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Musings On Biology

Late Sunday morning I found myself on a pretty patterned couch across from two women and a child I was meeting for the first time at my friend’s home. We were there for lunch and a Valentine card making get-together. My posture was stiff, I sat at the edge of the sofa, my back erect. […]

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Cold rain, perky greens

Friday evening we left work in the kind of rain I hate. Incessant, dripping, cold, slow drizzle. Shivering in my short sleeved cotton shirt and the hem of my blue jean caked with mud I traipsed behind K on our weekly visit to Maisie’s Farm. A local community supported agriculture effort. We signed up just […]

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A walk around the block

Heading home after a fun evening with my niece, I pulled into our driveway to notice K was just in from his class. Sliding out of the car, I checked if he was up for a walk. Moments later, we set out in the chill evening air. As we went up and down the mild […]

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Brimming with life

Waking up to the sound of gently falling rain, I was amazed at the bird sounds from right outside my window. One of those days when I am happy to be awake, I skipped downstairs to get a head start on the day. I threw open the curtains and flung the deck door open and […]

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The Girl who cried “Spring!”

Waking up this morning I was unmistakably warm. Peeling off my socks, I stopped a moment to strain. I could hear a cacophony of bird sounds right outside my window. I smiled involuntarily and went downstairs for my favorite morning coffee. Looking out the window, I saw the Sun was no longer directly ahead on […]

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The Views

Looking up from my laptop when a particularly gusty wind knocked some snow off rooftops, I realized the view was ethereal and had to share it with all of you. So, here is the view of my backyard. Here is another view.

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It’s foggy and it’s Friday!

I woke up this morning to see this out my front window. Watching the fog slowly swirl in and envelope everything within sight curiously was an uplifting experience. I could feel the moisture in the air. My mood visibly lightened and I was almost humming a tune inside myself. Amazing how little things like this […]

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Changing Seasons, Changing Tastes

Groping in the dark for the light switch as the alarm went off, I squinted to see bright red letters staring back at me from the clock that said 6:00. Not quite believing it was already morning, I looked outside for reassurance. It was pitch dark. Realizing it is fall and I had no hope […]

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Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

That’s right! About three hours from now, we will officially be in the fall season here this side of the globe. There is something solid and reassuring about knowing the exact date and time of the change. For days now, I have been ignoring the dry patches on my leg. Body lotion was for fall. […]

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A bountiful harvest!

Not long back, like I mentioned here, K and I decided to go green and plant some seeds in planters on our little deck. When we embarked on the project, we did so without expectation. The idea was to get started, learn on the way and enjoy the process. Two months later, our plants are […]

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Ahh! the smell of mulch!

Never thought I’d live to see this day. When I would proclaim my joy to the world on how much I loved the smell of mulch. Don’t get me wrong. Mulch smells and horribly too but after years of seeing the seasons change, I have finally learned to associate the smell of mulch with the […]

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The still of the morning

I knew I had this hopeless romantic hidden in me somewhere. She peeps out at the most unlikely moments. The past few years I have been so occupied with keeping myself obsessed with ttc message boards or finding a job that pays well that I managed to forget she existed. Today morn she made an […]

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