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Musings On Biology

Late Sunday morning I found myself on a pretty patterned couch across from two women and a child I was meeting for the first time at my friend’s home. We were there for lunch and a Valentine card making get-together. My posture was stiff, I sat at the edge of the sofa, my back erect. […]

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Cold rain, perky greens

Friday evening we left work in the kind of rain I hate. Incessant, dripping, cold, slow drizzle. Shivering in my short sleeved cotton shirt and the hem of my blue jean caked with mud I traipsed behind K on our weekly visit to Maisie’s Farm. A local community supported agriculture effort. We signed up just […]

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A walk around the block

Heading home after a fun evening with my niece, I pulled into our driveway to notice K was just in from his class. Sliding out of the car, I checked if he was up for a walk. Moments later, we set out in the chill evening air. As we went up and down the mild […]

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Brimming with life

Waking up to the sound of gently falling rain, I was amazed at the bird sounds from right outside my window. One of those days when I am happy to be awake, I skipped downstairs to get a head start on the day. I threw open the curtains and flung the deck door open and […]

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The Girl who cried “Spring!”

Waking up this morning I was unmistakably warm. Peeling off my socks, I stopped a moment to strain. I could hear a cacophony of bird sounds right outside my window. I smiled involuntarily and went downstairs for my favorite morning coffee. Looking out the window, I saw the Sun was no longer directly ahead on […]

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The Views

Looking up from my laptop when a particularly gusty wind knocked some snow off rooftops, I realized the view was ethereal and had to share it with all of you. So, here is the view of my backyard. Here is another view.

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