Truth Permits Us Space To Hold Duality

Earlier in October, Carrie Goldman who runs the Portrait of an adoption series on Chicago Now reached out asking if I would like to submit a piece for their 10th anniversary run. I agreed and thought about what I wanted to write given this is National Adoption Awareness Month. The liminal space in adoption is … Continue reading Truth Permits Us Space To Hold Duality

#NAM2018 National Adoption Awareness Month: What Can Adoptive Parents Do?

Each November adoptionland is rife with op-eds, hashtags, conferences, panels and social media blitzes by all members of the triad. #FlipTheScript was all I heard over the past few years. I listened hard and reflected on what I heard. Some years, I wrote about my experience with openness in the context of our lives. This … Continue reading #NAM2018 National Adoption Awareness Month: What Can Adoptive Parents Do?

Of Struggling With Labels

“I don’t like my fake name” muttered Ammu, my first daughter. I was bent over the stove tossing rice noodles in a base of lemon and sesame oil. The heady aroma of tempered mustard and curry leaves almost made me miss the statement. A part of me always attuned to disturbances in the air peaked … Continue reading Of Struggling With Labels

Rumination on fears and insecurities

In a day, November will firmly belong in the past and the count down to the New Year will begin. All through this month, I have been reading and absorbing the viewpoints of Adoptees, Birth families and Adoptive families. I have been following the #FlipTheScript tag on Twitter. As I read each piece filled with … Continue reading Rumination on fears and insecurities

Awareness Not Applause

It is November. November of NaNoWriMo fame. November of Adoption Awareness fame. Over the past few years, I have stood on the sidelines watching Adoption agencies turn it into an advertising blitz. I have seen tearful paeans being sung to the institution of adoption by parents like me. I have seen angst filled posts by … Continue reading Awareness Not Applause