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The Soundtrack To My Life

I sway uninhibited to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you as the twins wave bye and leave the house, their linked hands and matching pink boots making me emotional. Laddu is on the high chair drinking milk out of a straw grooving to the song herself. The rest of the morning is a blur as the […]

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In Limbo

It is past 9:30 AM. Kids are in school, the kitchen is as clean as I can muster energy for, the laundry is done and I am showered and ready with nowhere to go. I walk around the home mentally going over the list of people I could call. I give up and put the […]

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I am in the bathroom, putting away hairbands, picking hair out of brushes and generally attempting to bring order to what seems chaos in front of me. My phone otherwise mute, dings with the telltale sign of a message. Positive it is from a friend I am expecting that evening I turn it on and […]

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The Hamster Wheel That Is Parenting

I watch the wet grinder turn, the steel drum distorting my image as it moves. I watch mesmerized, catching a break in what has been an exhausting day. I take a moment to wonder why I feel like this almost all days and realize it is not one thing or one day. It is the […]

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Musings On Biology

Late Sunday morning I found myself on a pretty patterned couch across from two women and a child I was meeting for the first time at my friend’s home. We were there for lunch and a Valentine card making get-together. My posture was stiff, I sat at the edge of the sofa, my back erect. […]

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