Leaping out of my frame

Unlike many other days in my recent past, I was up super early and fiddling around with my Windows Media Player. As evidence of the fact that I had not been near my desktop since the new laptop made an appearance in our home, the version was outdated and in the midst of tying up … Continue reading Leaping out of my frame

On a day like today

As I look at the clock and realize the week is almost at the end, I feel immeasurable relief. The week that went past has been busy, taxing mentally and very challenging. I enjoyed working but was drained at the end of the day. Classes started this week and the two professors that teach this … Continue reading On a day like today

Feeling blue

This week has been strangely restless. I feel this acute sense of aging and life rushing past me. I feel caught between feeling regrets for the things that can't be and an indifference to what lies ahead. While I know this is just in my head sometimes it begs of me to be written somewhere. … Continue reading Feeling blue

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

That's right! About three hours from now, we will officially be in the fall season here this side of the globe. There is something solid and reassuring about knowing the exact date and time of the change. For days now, I have been ignoring the dry patches on my leg. Body lotion was for fall. … Continue reading Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

The V’s are coming!

For the past couple of days, this is all I can think of. The V's are coming! V and V are my cousin and her daughter and they are visiting us for a week. After a longest time I will be having company at home that involves (hopefully) a lot of arratai sessions and general … Continue reading The V’s are coming!

Then and now

Photographs have a way of making me melancholy. I look at pictures from my past and relive the moment the picture was taken. Sitting on my desk at work is a picture of my dad in his blue collared tee shirt with red horizontal stripes spaced wide apart. He has a nice smile and his … Continue reading Then and now

Dance in the rain…

A couple of Saturdays back Amma and I sat in our bright living room early in the morn sipping tea and talking of my dad. As we immersed ourselves in the memories and sighed with a lifetime of unfulfilled wishes in our mind we were broken out of our reverie by Saathi who came bounding … Continue reading Dance in the rain…

Epiphany – A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

This word has fascinated me many times. I heard it used by many people. I never quite got what it meant. Till yesterday. I had an epiphany. It feels good saying that. I have to go back a bit to explain what I feel. Over the years there have been many things I have craved, … Continue reading Epiphany – A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

A milestone reached – I am a graduate!!

A long time ago, I was enrolled in a Masters program. One I was compelled to leave midway. I never really got over it. While I watched friends and cousins graduate with flying colors, the MS was one thing that always reminded me of a path not taken. Over time it came to represent not … Continue reading A milestone reached – I am a graduate!!

Child of the Sun!

I stand slowly sipping on my coffee looking out the window in my living room savoring the morning chillness and the warmth of the hot beverage sliding down my throat. The pressure cooker hisses in the background and the aroma of vegetables cooking swirls around the home. These are moments I cherish. The stillness, the … Continue reading Child of the Sun!

I believe I will fly…

The past week has been one of retrospection. To look back on my youth and dig into the deep recesses of my memory. To piece together different visuals, different thoughts and reconstruct why I am where I am, doing what I am doing. Some of my earliest memories of wanting to be more than a … Continue reading I believe I will fly…

Giving up control = Faith?

"When Man loses faith in himself, he starts believing in God!" This used to be Appa's response whenever I asked him why he turned from someone with no overt faith into one who experienced a sudden revival in faith towards the last decade of his life. Today I think I got what he meant. It … Continue reading Giving up control = Faith?

My very own pixie

As I load the pressure cooker with the dhal and rice, the sparkling counter-top surprises me. As I open the anjalai petti (seasoning rack) to season my boiling sambar, the shine glinting off the vessel catches me smiling. The steaming dishwasher blinking "I am ready" opens to reveal rows after rows of neatly stacked impossibly … Continue reading My very own pixie

A little harder, a little further

As the timer showed 45 mins, I was disappointed. Quite unusual for me because I usually look forward to stepping off the treadmill and getting on with the rest of the day. Today was a little out of usual. This new year I have begun with renewed resolve to make walking a part of my … Continue reading A little harder, a little further