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I walk around my home, my iWatch tracking my steps, urging me to walk 11 minutes more at a brisk pace so my move goal could be met. I walk, my arms swinging, my eyes tracking my children as each play in their own way. Laddu is astride her soft, stuffed unicorn, urging it to […]

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Present And Past

I absently look at the white board calendar in the mudroom as I pick jackets for the kids from the cedar chest. Pattu is wiping the last of the month with her fingers and dabbing at her sleeve when she thinks I am not looking. I smile and urge her to change into school clothes. […]

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Dusty. The tar roads felt soft to my flip-flops as I walked to the house for the first time. The summer heat scorched the city when we moved from cooler, less humid climes there. It was a modest house. I remember lying awake at night as the rain pelted the windows and listening to frogs […]

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Meaningful Melodies

Today’s prompt over at Writing 101 takes me back a good decade or more. To a time when I had just discovered music beyond what I saw on television or heard on the radio. It brings back memories of rainy evenings spent browsing the music section of a store I frequented then. Of being lost […]

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Unexpected treasures

It was well past sunset as we set out in PJ’s and multiple layers of clothing. Our car trunk loaded with perishables from the fridge and the freezer. As we navigated slick turns on a deserted road, the headlights caught in the icicles dangling off tree branches and twinkled eerily. It felt like Narnia except […]

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The year in review

The end of the year brings with it nostalgia. For the days gone past and the milestones left behind. Each year as I stare down the end of December, I give in to a personal ritual. One of reading my posts from the beginning of the year. Re-living the moments, the angst, the happiness, the […]

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Stars and wishes

“Good friends are like stars. You do not always see them. But you know they are always there.” Admiration, Annoyance, Affection, Frustration, Pride, Envy, Freedom, Insecurity, Hurt, Guilt and Happiness. A friendship that has seen the spectrum of emotions from good to bad and then more. Sixteen years of knowing, growing and evolving together. An […]

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Ready and raring to go

Time flies. It sure does. It is soon going to be fall. The summer of 2012 has sped past leaving no memories in its wake. At least not the kind of summer memories I had hoped to create with the two of you. No beach trips. No visit to the Zoo or Sesame place. Not […]

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Let there be light!

Holiday season is upon us. This past Sunday I rushed through the aisles of the local clothing store picking up a piece here and a piece there. I piled on my purchases and dove into the first available dressing room making sure I had at least one pair that fit. Walking out the store with […]

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Ten Treasured Years!

Eager eyes, heart beating faster, I spy the rather large car filled with people come to a stop before the house. I suddenly feel nervous. I run upstairs before anyone has a chance to catch me at my most vulnerable moment. I slink back unseen, mustering courage, a smile firmly in place. I sit on […]

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Sentimental treasures

I stayed by the window giving directions over the phone still I spied the shiny black SUV turn around the bend leading to our home. I was excited. Gathering Kay and Cee, K and I threw open the door and waited patiently for the group of four to walk up the stairs to inside. Tall, […]

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