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The Value Of An Education

I lay sprawled arms stretched on the carpeted floor that could do with a good vacuum with the ceiling fan sluggishly moving the air around. Saathi with his day old beard sat at the study table paying bills and checking items off his to-do list. A list that had considerably grown since our two week […]

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It’s not personal. Really!

Driving back home this evening I realized with a sigh that all of my usual victims were unavailable to give me company on my long drive home. I alternated between a local FM channel and NPR. The need to connect to a live person was visceral. So, my mind wandered around the US map, zoning […]

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It’s over. Finally!

Just like that as I sat slouched on the sofa a book in hand revelling in the peace that reigned in the household at the moment, a tiny ding followed by a buzz happened. Caught between turning the page on the thriller I held in hand and an urge to find out what email had […]

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Back to school and loving it!

Yesterday evening saw me back in a familiar tiered classroom seated in the last but one row  wondering who would sit next to me. Reaching a good half hour early, I helped myself to Pizza and soda that is a staple for the first day of term. Hugging and catching up with my classmates, I […]

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When will I grow up?

Yesterday was the first day back in class. Well technically school started last week but the prof. was away on a conference and so we did the class online. So, walking into the now all too familiar classroom, I surprised myself by the variety of emotions I felt. There were some people I saw and […]

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New horizons

Last Friday went past in a blur that included working on a presentation, presenting it and heading out to a reception where the winners were announced. Circling the room with my tray of veggies and dip, I met some nice people, conversed for conversation sakes and clapped till my hands ached. As the winners went […]

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Discovering myself

Waking up at an impossibly early hour of 4:45, I sleep walked most of the next hour getting ready to head out by train to University City Philly. Exchanging text messages with a friend from my class I was sharing a room with, I was excited and anxious as always. The day went past in […]

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So, this is what they do!

Yesterday was last day of class for Marketing with the paper due next week. As we listened to the Prof. summarize the term for us, my mind was already racing ahead in the future wondering if ever I will get to apply these concepts at work. We got done early and the college was sponsoring […]

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Thank you very much!

A BIG Thank You to all of you who took the survey for me. I received 33 responses which I think is a fairly decent number for the kind of survey I was doing. I am getting started on analysing the data and decided to make the survey page and post private since additional responses […]

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It gets easier with repetition

Couple of days back, I left work and instead of heading home, walked across the hall to my school where a networking social was on. We were told to bring business cards and if possible bring a friend. Dismissing it as another of the school’s marketing ploys, I went empty handed and by myself. Signing […]

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Struggling with Stats

Getting home after a rather long day at work, K and I managed dinner on leftovers and I sat down with my homework for the next day’s class. Reading out each problem aloud, I lifted my head to see if K was listening and if he would respond. Given his love for anything related to […]

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Curiously blank.

Writing the last line of the last essay question in my closed book exam I felt immense relief as I put the last period. Lifting my head up for the first time in about an hour, I noticed my entire class was head bent furiously writing. I felt bewildered. Did I answer all my questions? […]

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Back to the basics

Legs tucked in comfortably, a throw keeping me warm, I pored over my Essentials of Economics textbook. Papers and printouts strewn all around me. I felt lost, helpless and sleepy. A good decade and half after I thought the days of cramming were over, I am at it again. Don’t mistake me. I have been […]

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Back to school!

Few things are as exciting as back to school after a break. Rushing to get ready for work, I laid out not too casual clothes and debated between a slip on shoe and my new black ones. Picking up my bag I noticed K had kept my car keys right where I would look for […]

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Quite an evening!

With my accounting finals a day away, three of us from our class decided to meet at a cafe to go over class notes and prepare for class. Till the moment I left home I was ambivalent. Part of it stemmed from my reluctance to drive to any place I am not familiar with and […]

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