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The Little Things That Say Home

It is not yet 6:00 AM. I have been up for about an hour, throwing open windows and tying back curtains. There is no breeze yet but the humidity inside the house lets up. Amma turns on the TV and sets the volume on high. I wince but carry on realizing that it is impossible […]

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It’s Holi!

Rads’s post on Holi sent me back on a trip down memory lane. I have only ever celebrated Holi once. I hate being ‘dirtied’ in color and dreaded stepping out on ‘Holi’ should some enthusiastic stranger decide to anoint me with gulal. I escaped all my school years simply because Madras and specially the suburb […]

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From Madras With Love

Reaching home late last night after class, I ran upstairs to change and find something to eat. Rushing through everything my growling tummy propelled me downstairs. An array of containers met my eyes. Sweets, savories and cherished memories from Madras. See, my amma and SIL and niece are back from Madras. While I was sitting […]

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Then there were five

As I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck talking to Amma as I seasoned the kootu I was making this morning, my mom went “You will never believe what happened today…” Image courtesy: The Hindu via Google Image Search Turns out she was out shopping with my aunt and when she got […]

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Where have you been? Rice is 22$ a bag now!!

Helloji!! smiled the man at the counter of our local Indian grocers. “Been a while since I saw you here” he said in Gujarati accented Hindi. Saathi and I smiled, paused at bit by the counter and inquired after him and his family. “I have been wanting to reach you the past week” he emphatically […]

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Madras, Memories, nostalgia

Trip down memory lane

Married to a desi software engineer my life is the same as countless other girls who get married to dollar salaries and foreign grooms. Sitting miles away from my hometown of Chennai, nostalgia visits me at the most oddest of times.Today at my workplace when a colleague got some muffins for breakfast, I for some […]

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