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Just being – LMT

I work, eyes narrowed with focus, brushing the silky locks to one side of her face. I make three parts and interleave each lock to make a braid. I tie it at the end with a band and look back to admire my handiwork. Pattu looks at me, innocence personified, as I hold her chin […]

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LMT – The little big things

After the girls had their dinner, all of us set out to visit my bro and sis in law. We reached their home to be greeted with shy smiles from my darling niece. Dinner done, we crowded around their warm living room. The lights twinkled on the tree by the corner and wrapped packages sat […]

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LMT – A piece of cake

Twas about noon today, when I was rushing out of my bathroom. I paused and gave myself one more look in the mirror. Tucking back a stray strand, I ran down the stairs. I was running late for my date with K. Parking in the visitor parking of my erstwhile workplace, I called K to […]

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