Fleeting Childhood

She is staring out the window, a stuffed bear under her elbow, a piece of paper with the drawing of a little girl in her hand. In a week she will set foot into a new era. One in which her life will be ruled by teachers, friends and timers. In the eight months she … Continue reading Fleeting Childhood

Milestone: Five Years Old

“Can I towel myself off?” “Can I put Aveeno all by myself?” “Can you help me with my shirt?” “Can you warm this pasta up?” “What did you pack for lunch today?” “Can I have some chutney please?” This girl of mine is exceedingly polite. She says sorry and thank you. She asks for permission … Continue reading Milestone: Five Years Old

A Big Girl

I circle the school parking lot a couple of times before resigning and finding a spot in the grass farthest from the entrance. I grab the folder containing documents that I need, close the door and help Laddu from the car. She is bundled up, her hood covering most of her face. Her tiny hands … Continue reading A Big Girl

Glorious Days

Laddu is hard at work at the breakfast table, the lamp throwing a halo around her tiny head. Her hair covers her face. “What’s next after GO amma?” “How do you spell AKKAS?” I call out spellings even as I muddle through improper fractions with Ammu and Pattu. After the twins stuff their homework into … Continue reading Glorious Days

Be Careful What You Wish For

A few weeks back as I nuzzled the top of Laddu’s head as she curled up against me in the afternoon, I felt an intense need to keep her close and never let go. It hit me that this child will soon be in Kindergarten, taking the bus with her sisters. This time I get … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

Fun In The Sun

After what seemed ages, we had a sunny day today. The kind of day writers eulogize as bright, cheery, clear, warm and happy. A little after breakfast, Ammu and Pattu were nowhere to be seen. After peering through the windows to see if they were biking outside, I looked in the garage and the two … Continue reading Fun In The Sun

In The Blink Of An Eye

I curl myself around Laddu. My hand strokes her back. She snuggles closer. It is 7:30 AM. I could have woken her up. Instead, I lie and stare at this bundle of cuteness. She senses me watching her and looks up. Her face breaks into a smile that is pure joy. We cuddle some more … Continue reading In The Blink Of An Eye

This Little Girl Of Mine

“You are making sad choice!” “Because it is very cold outside?” “I enjoyed The Nutcracker.” She speaks in sentences. Her eyes sparkle as they meet her sisters coming down the stairs. Her hair cascading in waves frame her tiny face. She holds a rag doll and is ready for school. On our drive she remarks … Continue reading This Little Girl Of Mine

Laddu Tales

She runs and I behind her, her anticipation of being caught lending itself to squealing. We collapse in a heap on the floor, snorting, laughing and catching our breath. She holds a tiny lantern. A piece from a camping set the twins assembled upstairs for their toys. “On!” she demands and I comply. She sets … Continue reading Laddu Tales

Of banoons, pencens and cheese

“Thanni” she says as she points to her water bottle. “Pencen” she says as she holds her chubby hand for a pencil. “Cheese” she says as she takes a bowl from the cabinet and walks purposefully to her high chair. She notices me taking a picture, angles her head and says “Cheese”. Her vocabulary is … Continue reading Of banoons, pencens and cheese

Letters to my daughters: Milestones

Dear Laddu, My left palm rests on the top of your head. The warmth from me seeping into you, lulling you into sleep. You smile in your sleep. I find myself mirroring you. The apples of your cheek shine with the sheen of the coconut oil I massaged into your skin. It was not too … Continue reading Letters to my daughters: Milestones