The Writing Journey

The messages from my publisher usually are short and to the point. My heart skips a beat each time I see her name pop up on my messages. In February of this year, I had plans. I renewed my passport. I was to apply for a visa. I had a mental map of the places … Continue reading The Writing Journey

YWW: The End

We milled around a small table. Suitcase, backpacks, bulky handbags on the floor around us. I was leaving and trying to hug everyone in my group. I left feeling dazed, not quite sure what I was feeling. The suitcase rattled behind me, its wheels doing overtime as I walked on the cobbled walkways of Stiles … Continue reading YWW: The End

YWW: Session II – Day Three

As much as I sound like a broken record, today has been an intense and long day. We did workshop the last set of essays in the morning and had a fascinating discussion on the publishing world after. There were two craft talks. One by Allegra Goodman (who is super good at what she does) … Continue reading YWW: Session II – Day Three

YWW Journal: Prep Work

My heart skips a beat each time I see a red marker indicating emails in my account dedicated to writing-related stuff. With approximately 10 days to go before my workshop starts, I have been hearing from the instructors and part of my cohort. We each have been asked to submit a piece of work we … Continue reading YWW Journal: Prep Work