Reflections on reading

"I haven't read a book in ages.." I remarked rather wistfully to a friend on the phone one day in the recent past. The conversation then veered onto books and off tangentially to culture and such. Climbing the stairs to my bedroom, my eyes were glued in the dim light to an interesting post on … Continue reading Reflections on reading

Arbitrary thoughts

In a precious few hours, my amma will be here. Laden with goodies for Kay and Cee and my siblings and I, she will step off the car a shy smile changing her face into something that will be etched in memory. For years I have longed to welcome amma home as paati. This will be yet another … Continue reading Arbitrary thoughts

When will I grow up?

Yesterday was the first day back in class. Well technically school started last week but the prof. was away on a conference and so we did the class online. So, walking into the now all too familiar classroom, I surprised myself by the variety of emotions I felt. There were some people I saw and … Continue reading When will I grow up?

Shaking up my life

Back from a walk at the local park followed by dinner at the local Desi joint, K settled back on the recliner watching TV and I with my laptop. Digging up the drafts for a couple of recipes I had intended posting a while back, I worked on them when my childhood friend pinged me … Continue reading Shaking up my life

Generations apart

In thinking. In values. I read Usha's post this morning. Earlier I read Maami's post too. All these coupled with the thoughts that have been running in circles in my head had to find expression today here. Growing up, I had grandparents live with us both paternal and maternal. As a child their presence in … Continue reading Generations apart

Feeling blue

This week has been strangely restless. I feel this acute sense of aging and life rushing past me. I feel caught between feeling regrets for the things that can't be and an indifference to what lies ahead. While I know this is just in my head sometimes it begs of me to be written somewhere. … Continue reading Feeling blue

Atheist, Agnostic or just plain clueless?

Looking through a cousin's profile on Facebook, I was struck by her declaration of being an Atheist. As much as it surprised me I wondered if she meant to say Agnostic instead. Not sure if I understood the difference myself I looked both words up. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Atheist as one who believes that there … Continue reading Atheist, Agnostic or just plain clueless?

Linked by loss

Plate in hand with pure white curd rice, I hesitated a moment between the curried vegetable and tomato thokku and helped myself to a generous helping of the pickle. As I ate taking care to keep the white of the curd rice unsullied by color, I was reminded of my Appa. "He used to love … Continue reading Linked by loss

Dark recesses of the mind

These past few days have been unbelievably hectic. At work, at school. So, as I worked against time to get my paper done for tonight's class, I kept running into mental blocks. The very nature of this course makes it subjective. It is all about me. I am the star in all my papers. It … Continue reading Dark recesses of the mind

Let me be

Tuesday's class on leadership and personal development saw among other things personality profiles. We did the Myers-Briggs Assessment and I was classified an ENFP which did not surprise me one bit. As we talked about how awareness of our tendencies can help us in our personal lives one thing that the guest speaker said stood … Continue reading Let me be

Channeling negativity

Waking up after a rather short but restful sleep, I felt oodles better than the night before. It had been class night and I returned home in a rather sour mood after I had received my paper after grading. I thought I had done well but the instructor obviously did not share my view and … Continue reading Channeling negativity

Over my head

Sitting in class on Tuesday as the Professor explained in great detail how to create journal entries for transactions, I was way out of my league. I felt lost, bewildered and overwhelmed. As is the case when I feel I am the only one who is struggling, I looked around for support. Finding everyone intently … Continue reading Over my head

Awkward Pauses

Walking down the corridor that leads to my classroom, I passed several of my new classmates. Smiling vaguely and waving Hi I reached and found ‘my’ seat unoccupied in the second to last row of the room. Finding my teammate M already there, I heaved a sigh of relief. She was one person I did … Continue reading Awkward Pauses

Mellowed down?

Watching K drive away for his regular Saturday cricket matches, I picked up the phone to call my mom like I usually do. Half an hour later enthused by reaching out to mom, I scanned the list of people in my address book and worked my way down. I called most people I wanted to … Continue reading Mellowed down?

Time for change?

K sat frustrated with our new laptop. He was harried because it was getting late to go to work. Shower not done, his beeper went off. As he tried to navigate the keyboard of our new laptop his frustrations bounced off me. "Why does it take so long to boot?", "Where is the End key?", … Continue reading Time for change?

You want it. You fight for it.

"If you want something, you have to fight for it!" my FIL stated emphatically. No. It was not in the context of something inspirational yet it turned out to be one for me. He was speaking of the red-tapism and the attendant struggles in getting anything done in Bangalore. Am sure it is true of … Continue reading You want it. You fight for it.

You were not like this before!

In the middle of a conversation with my friend, this came up. "You were not like this before..." she stated. It was a simple declaration. She aught to know. After all, she is my best friend. I must have filed it at the back of my mind to process later because I did not know … Continue reading You were not like this before!

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

As Akay pinged me like she usually does, I responded with a cheery Hi! A couple of lines later, she asked if I was following the Niketa and Harsh Mehta news story. I was. You can read more on the case/story here. While I have opinions on some matters, Akay is the one who has … Continue reading Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

No. Not those words!

Lying on the couch yesterday afternoon after a filling meal consisting of leftovers from the get-together on Saturday. I watched K clear the kitchen. A random thought crossed my mind and I asked him "How many 'bad' words do you know?" Interest piqued, he thought long and hard and replied with some of the commonly … Continue reading No. Not those words!

And there I sat.

This really happened. This past Friday, I drove myself to work. It is a rarity considering K and I work at the same place and he almost always drives the car. The day went past and it was time for me to leave. Remembering to check with K on directions to another place I wanted … Continue reading And there I sat.

Living my dream?

This post by Pioneer Woman caught my fancy considering I seem to perennially live my life in introspection and reliving the past. I couldn't resist responding to her. When I wanted to leave a comment, I saw there were thousands before me and figured I'd make a post of it instead. So Ree, not sure … Continue reading Living my dream?