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Reflections on reading

“I haven’t read a book in ages..” I remarked rather wistfully to a friend on the phone one day in the recent past. The conversation then veered onto books and off tangentially to culture and such. Climbing the stairs to my bedroom, my eyes were glued in the dim light to an interesting post on […]

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When will I grow up?

Yesterday was the first day back in class. Well technically school started last week but the prof. was away on a conference and so we did the class online. So, walking into the now all too familiar classroom, I surprised myself by the variety of emotions I felt. There were some people I saw and […]

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Inner Voice, Life, Musings, reflections

Shaking up my life

Back from a walk at the local park followed by dinner at the local Desi joint, K settled back on the recliner watching TV and I with my laptop. Digging up the drafts for a couple of recipes I had intended posting a while back, I worked on them when my childhood friend pinged me […]

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Feeling blue

This week has been strangely restless. I feel this acute sense of aging and life rushing past me. I feel caught between feeling regrets for the things that can’t be and an indifference to what lies ahead. While I know this is just in my head sometimes it begs of me to be written somewhere. […]

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Let me be

Tuesday’s class on leadership and personal development saw among other things personality profiles. We did the Myers-Briggs Assessment and I was classified an ENFP which did not surprise me one bit. As we talked about how awareness of our tendencies can help us in our personal lives one thing that the guest speaker said stood […]

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Over my head

Sitting in class on Tuesday as the Professor explained in great detail how to create journal entries for transactions, I was way out of my league. I felt lost, bewildered and overwhelmed. As is the case when I feel I am the only one who is struggling, I looked around for support. Finding everyone intently […]

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Time for change?

K sat frustrated with our new laptop. He was harried because it was getting late to go to work. Shower not done, his beeper went off. As he tried to navigate the keyboard of our new laptop his frustrations bounced off me. “Why does it take so long to boot?”, “Where is the End key?”, […]

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