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On The Outside Looking In

Battling infertility, I watched my peers go on to have a child, or two or three. I sat through their baby showers, first birthdays and first day of kindergarten. Then our worlds diverged. Each friend slipped off the orbit seeking newer planes and alternate universes. I lingered, at the center of their intersecting lives, listening […]

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It happened one afternoon

I was a few days late. I looked up the app on my phone to confirm. Could it be? A voice niggled at the back of my head. I counted again. Seven days late. I had never been that late. Hmm! I voiced my concern to Saathi. He dismissed it. Infertility does that to you. […]

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Feeling like a fraud

Each day I wake up and feel I am living a lie. I am convinced my periods will show up and I can go back to the world I am at home in. Mother to two wonderful girls. A blessed life. This is an aberration. As my mom fusses about and refuses to let me […]

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