Softer Edges

I sit on the concrete steps leading to a makeshift park. Ammu swings, a blur of green against the brown. The bright green of the moss at the bottom of the AC unit is disconcerting. The hum of the compressor, the plinnnck plinnnck of the swing surrounds me as I sit in silence, ruminating on … Continue reading Softer Edges


The marigold flower swirls and floats to the road as I walk. The purple berries from the nearby tree are purple splotches that dot the landscape. I am back on familiar ground, a place I called home for a good many years. Everything seems just about familiar, yet different enough for me to give pause. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope

Disconnected. Dispassionate.

The day and date flit around my consciousness not really embedding itself in it. All through this week, I see mentions on Twitter, on Facebook, on the news. I skim through it all, a ghost of a smile playing on my face. I feel compelled to acknowledge, to recognize what it means like I did … Continue reading Disconnected. Dispassionate.

Reliving a vacation

I leaned over the balcony facing the road and watched the two fathers and three kids disappear around the bend. The image stuck with me for a long time. The sight of my twins holding their chitappa's hand and my niece holding my husband's hand as they watched for traffic to slow before they crossed. … Continue reading Reliving a vacation

A Baby(ies) changes everything!

Back home after an incredibly short but eventful trip home to India, I woke earlier than usual. Bustling in the kitchen getting ready to go back to work after a two week break, images from my trip played out in a continual loop in my head.  The fervent packing and the final drive to the … Continue reading A Baby(ies) changes everything!

Integration? What integration?

Reading MM's post and associated comments made my thoughts go many different ways. I formulated comment upon comment in my mind but realized there was no cogency to my thoughts. Instead of spewing half baked rubbish on her blog, I figured I might as well use this space to put my thoughts out. I agree … Continue reading Integration? What integration?

Back at home and loving it

K and I reached home after a short but intense and memorable trip visiting family in India. Splitting our time between Bangalore and Madras, we managed to pack in some shopping, a lot of eating and an one day trip to Mysore as well. It was as all India trips are. Vibrant, loud and cheerful. … Continue reading Back at home and loving it

Following in the footsteps of Mom

Sliding the glass doors of the showcase that houses the various knick knacks my siblings and I accumulated over the past couple of decades in our home in Madras, I paused. Littered through the glass plates that served as holders, there were a multitude of ceramic figurines. A pair of wolves, a dog, a fish, … Continue reading Following in the footsteps of Mom

Welcome to India!

Landing in the spanking new airport in Bengaluru, K and I hauled our mammoth suitcases to the welcoming arms of K's bro. Chattering non stop all the way home, I watched the city I loved come to life in the one hour ride home. The two days have been fun. I haven't stepped out of … Continue reading Welcome to India!

Unity in Diversity. Or not?

For the longest time, this was one phrase that was representative of India for me. I am not sure if I picked it up from TV or if it was in my History or Geography books in school. Or perhaps the Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya short that was screened on Doordarshan. Whatever the origins of … Continue reading Unity in Diversity. Or not?

Freedom of choice – Why is it murky?

Over the past week when I was stuck in an inspiration less phase, plenty of thoughts buzzed around my head. A few came from current happenings, a few from personal experiences and observations. My friend Arch wrote to ask what I thought of the Delhi High Court ruling that decriminalizes homosexuality. I thought it was … Continue reading Freedom of choice – Why is it murky?

Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

If you were not aware already, I document evidence of my kitchen experiments here. Yesterday SLK left a comment that had me smiling. And thinking! If you haven't hopped over to see the actual comment, the gist of it is that most South Indians specially after moving away from home tend to pick up global … Continue reading Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

Hyphenated. So what?

Sitting in class with my stat mid term paper in hand, brows furrowed looking for avenues to increase my score, I spied a section where I was given a zero. Flipping through the pages of my textbook to the part that 'inspired' my answer to that particular question, I found what I was looking for. … Continue reading Hyphenated. So what?

Got to start somewhere right?

Every time a group of friends get together topics eventually meander to the state of Indian politics and the insurmountable problems in our civic structure. Every time without fail, we discuss, we sigh collectively and forget about it. So, today when I saw this email from K's classmate, I clicked and was impressed by what … Continue reading Got to start somewhere right?

Is this what they call a cultural difference?

Scratching my head with the back of a pencil I was stumped. I had no idea what was causing my test case to fail. Taking a deep breath I decided to start over. Even before I executed code, I went over the code visually. There had to be something I was missing. The blinking IM … Continue reading Is this what they call a cultural difference?

The Magic of Kohls.

No. I am not talking of the retail giant. This weekend K and I were invited to a puja at a friend's house. There was to be some chanting followed by bhajans. It has been a while since I was part of a group prayer and I was looking forward to it. Saturday also being … Continue reading The Magic of Kohls.

Story of India – The Golden Age

Settling in comfortably on our well used recliner with a warm throw K and I tuned in to watch the next two episodes of The Story of India on PBS. The third episode showed the period of the Kushan rule and Emperor Kanishka. Colorful images of Mathura and Ayodhya were a visual assault on the … Continue reading Story of India – The Golden Age

The Story Of India

For those interested, PBS has this show that premieres Jan 5th 2009 at 9:00 PM EST that traces the history of India from a very long time ago to now. It is a six part series two of which will be aired back to back tomorrow. More on this can be found here on PBS … Continue reading The Story Of India

Ganga Snanam Aacha?

With all the excitement surrounding one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India I couldn't help but reminisce on the Deepavali's past in my life. And yes I refuse to call it Diwali. I grew up celebrating Deepavali and I will continue to address it that way 🙂 Much like Chennai and Madras I … Continue reading Ganga Snanam Aacha?