Independence, India

Disconnected. Dispassionate.

The day and date flit around my consciousness not really embedding itself in it. All through this week, I see mentions on Twitter, on Facebook, on the news. I skim through it all, a ghost of a smile playing on my face. I feel compelled to acknowledge, to recognize what it means like I did […]

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Independence, Musings

What have I been upto?

Apart from getting ready to host my cousins from Seattle whom I visited last September, work has been keeping me busy as well as school. It has been one of those spells when no inspiration struck. There has been a lot running on my mind though. Perhaps one of these days, I will be able […]

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Once upon a train

There were two wide eyed chatty girls moving away from home for the first time. Their daddy dears accompanied them to the then happening city that was Bangalore. Settling in to a new hostel, shopping around for essentials and getting to work first day was eventful but what followed in the years following was even […]

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