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Then there were five

As I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck talking to Amma as I seasoned the kootu I was making this morning, my mom went “You will never believe what happened today…” Image courtesy: The Hindu via Google Image Search Turns out she was out shopping with my aunt and when she got […]

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Jeera rasam for the desi soul

Waiting for a friend in the lobby of her office, I picked up a worn out copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Turning over the pages vacantly, I read a few of the contributions and found myself nodding my head in agreement or going “My parents would have done the exact same thing! […]

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Sarvam Krishnarpanam!

God is an ultra personal thing to me. I hate anyone watch me when I haggle with Him/Her. Even when I am in the temple I feel conscious about people watching me mutter under my breath pleading, arguing my case with the powers. So, I usually tend to look nonchalant and hold my conversations inside […]

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I can’t send you away empty handed!

Knock Knock!! I rushed to the door to stare into earnest looking faces of Jack Sparrow and Minnie mouse. Aww! Aren’t they cuteeeeeee!! I gushed and rushed to get candy for the little trick or treaters. Long after they had gone past our house I was looking wistfully at them ringing on other doors in […]

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Show off?

Am in training from work this week. Its been a very amusing experience so far. No, nothing is laughing matter about the class itself. The instructor is a wise old man who really knows his stuff. Its been ages since I have been in a classroom. Every time I walk into the room with its […]

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