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Happy Hauntings!

Over the years, Halloween is a holiday that has crept up on us. Pre-kids, Saathi and I gave out candy religiously and turned the lights out at about 8:00 PM. With the arrival of Ammu and Pattu, we gave in and got costumes for the kids and reveled in the pumpkin art they brought home […]

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One of them pseudo maamis

As we wound down for the day, I packed away the bright yellow and black bumblebee costume along with the pink and white butterfly one sighing wistfully. The girls would have outgrown them by next year. Halloween started early with the parade in the daycare on Friday followed by the community parade today. We did […]

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I can’t send you away empty handed!

Knock Knock!! I rushed to the door to stare into earnest looking faces of Jack Sparrow and Minnie mouse. Aww! Aren’t they cuteeeeeee!! I gushed and rushed to get candy for the little trick or treaters. Long after they had gone past our house I was looking wistfully at them ringing on other doors in […]

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