They came. They saw. They cleaned.

For the second time in five years, I had a cleaning service come home to flush out the dirt and dust I had accumulated in my personal pixie's absence. They showed up at the door at 8:00 AM sharp. Four of them went to work in different corners of the house and in two hours … Continue reading They came. They saw. They cleaned.

And there I sat.

This really happened. This past Friday, I drove myself to work. It is a rarity considering K and I work at the same place and he almost always drives the car. The day went past and it was time for me to leave. Remembering to check with K on directions to another place I wanted … Continue reading And there I sat.

Iron Woman

Rushing to have my bath this morning I realized the salwar I wanted to wear to work was crumpled and the dupatta beyond redemption. Torn between having to iron the dress and deciding on the ever convenient jean I stopped for a moment to understand what I wanted to do. A moment later, I dragged … Continue reading Iron Woman

Inexorable march to the future defines inexorable as unbending; severe, relentless, unrelenting, implacable, merciless, cruel, pitiless. Around where I live there are plenty of steep winding country roads. Much like roller coasters. One such road is the one connecting my home with my brother's. Each time we drive back home there is this stretch where there is the feeling … Continue reading Inexorable march to the future

The Art of Praying

I ambled down the stairs awake but not quite alert and paused for a brief moment before my 'swami ull' or praying space. I light a pair of oil lamps daily first thing after I am done brushing my teeth and before I treat myself to a steaming cup of tea. Today I felt lazy. … Continue reading The Art of Praying

Whither Equality?

As I peered out the tall glass windows of my office building watching the slushy, icy mix come down, I was glad I was inside looking out unlike¬†Saathi who was out there scraping ice off the windshield and side mirrors. It was another five minutes before he pulled up by the door to pick me … Continue reading Whither Equality?