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Rush Of Gratitude

“Thlow” commands Laddu as she squints against the evening sun in our backyard. I comply and throw the multihued inflatable ball high in the air. I watch it gather speed and roll down the gentle incline. Laddu follows the ball, pushing it farther with her attempts to capture it. I follow her and eventually we […]

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Gifts of attention

“Do you want to see your gift now or tomorrow?” He asks almost shyly. “Now of course!” I beam, happiness brimming from me at the sight of my dear Saathi. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Digging through his suitcase, he lifts a rectangular box with its trademark logo. Almost grabbing it from him, I […]

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Where is my gift?

This past week I have been torturing K with questions and admonitions about my gift. I have given him a thousand pointers about what I would like and why I deserve a gift for my birthday. I get tickled by the torment that is evident on his face. “You are always with me, where do […]

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