Parenting From The Sidelines

Photo by burak kostak on I watch my twins laugh and chat with their friends from school over Facetime. The happy faces, the whispered exchanges and the giggles that break out every once in a while, make me amused. I think about the time I was eleven in the pre telephone, pre internet days … Continue reading Parenting From The Sidelines

Essay: On Loss and, Love

Photo by Max Ravier on I talk as I walk to the voice on the other end which is a tad weakened as it traverses the eight thousand miles from India to make its way to me. I strain to listen, filling in missed syllables knowing the words she would have used from our … Continue reading Essay: On Loss and, Love

Circles And Bubbles

A few weeks ago, a local community group posted a link to this, an article that exhorted people to give up circles and cliques and form “U”s instead leaving space for the unattached, the lonely and the misfits. Like most articles I read, I nodded along and moved on. The words, however, hung back, murmuring … Continue reading Circles And Bubbles

Wind Beneath My Wings

It is late at night, the darkness a cloak that encourages free-ranging discussion and soul-baring. We walk, my friend and I, our steps in sync. We talk about life choices, career choices, being left without choices, making the most of the cards we hold. We talk of finding balance, of discovering peace, whatever that means … Continue reading Wind Beneath My Wings

To Friends And Friendship – Thank You!

I am strolling through the aisles of my local grocery store looking for that small something to attach to the cards my daughters have worked on meticulously over the last weekend. A bag of pink M&Ms catches my eye. I calculate I should have enough in two bags and add it to my cart. “What … Continue reading To Friends And Friendship – Thank You!


There is frenzied knocking on my bathroom door followed by incoherent yelling. I turn the shower off and manage to catch part of it. “Can Ammu and I go to our friend L and J’s home? Please? Pretty please?” I am impressed by the depth of feelings that pours out of Pattu’s voice. “No! You … Continue reading Girlfriends

Unlikely Friends

A little over six years ago, a bunch of us bloggers had some interesting discussions on what it felt like to be an immigrant. We started with writing posts, carrying on spirited conversations in the comment space and then making the leap to phone calls and eventually meeting in real life. Of these bunch of … Continue reading Unlikely Friends

Insidious Memories

The grated daikon glistens with moisture as I add finely diced green chillies to it. A sprinkle of sea salt and I am ready to make the dough. As I pound and shape the dough, memories seep in. The three of us in the kitchen. One at the stove, the other perched on the counter … Continue reading Insidious Memories

The Connectedness of Us

Often I catch myself looking out the window and pondering on the connectedness of us. I think of trains when I do this. I think of us as journeying together toward destinations unknown. We see, we talk, we connect. We share. We hold hands. We let go. I get off or you do. We board … Continue reading The Connectedness of Us

Rainbows near and far

We reached the temple in the late afternoon, the sun playing hide and seek behind rain bearing clouds. Having done our rounds, we found ourselves at the door to the Navagraha sannidhi. Looking up, a rainbow beamed across the sky. Stopping to take pictures, I hurried inside. Falling in step behind my cousin, I walked … Continue reading Rainbows near and far

Leaving a trail of sentiments

She flitted into my life, like a butterfly one day in the past year - bright, cheerful and full of energy. Her expressive eyes filled her face imbuing it with a spark that rarely left a person untouched. Her hands told a story of their own as her voice modulated up and down animating the … Continue reading Leaving a trail of sentiments

Investing in relationships

Every week, some times in the afternoon, some times late at night, I get a call or a message on GTalk. Questions that are insightful as well as reflective. They probe into how I am feeling, they offer support when I have not really asked for it out loud. Mostly they are there, silent company … Continue reading Investing in relationships

Cup of joy

The phone rang and I pushed my chair back as I realized it was my Amma. Sensing it was a good time to take a break. I walked over to the kitchen and glanced at the clock. Tucking the phone between my neck and ear, I started on the dishes. Minutes passed and the sink … Continue reading Cup of joy

Stars and wishes

"Good friends are like stars. You do not always see them. But you know they are always there." Admiration, Annoyance, Affection, Frustration, Pride, Envy, Freedom, Insecurity, Hurt, Guilt and Happiness. A friendship that has seen the spectrum of emotions from good to bad and then more. Sixteen years of knowing, growing and evolving together. An … Continue reading Stars and wishes