Parenting From The Sidelines

Photo by burak kostak on I watch my twins laugh and chat with their friends from school over Facetime. The happy faces, the whispered exchanges and the giggles that break out every once in a while, make me amused. I think about the time I was eleven in the pre telephone, pre internet days … Continue reading Parenting From The Sidelines

Essay: On Loss and, Love

Photo by Max Ravier on I talk as I walk to the voice on the other end which is a tad weakened as it traverses the eight thousand miles from India to make its way to me. I strain to listen, filling in missed syllables knowing the words she would have used from our … Continue reading Essay: On Loss and, Love

Wind Beneath My Wings

It is late at night, the darkness a cloak that encourages free-ranging discussion and soul-baring. We walk, my friend and I, our steps in sync. We talk about life choices, career choices, being left without choices, making the most of the cards we hold. We talk of finding balance, of discovering peace, whatever that means … Continue reading Wind Beneath My Wings

To Friends And Friendship – Thank You!

I am strolling through the aisles of my local grocery store looking for that small something to attach to the cards my daughters have worked on meticulously over the last weekend. A bag of pink M&Ms catches my eye. I calculate I should have enough in two bags and add it to my cart. “What … Continue reading To Friends And Friendship – Thank You!


There is frenzied knocking on my bathroom door followed by incoherent yelling. I turn the shower off and manage to catch part of it. “Can Ammu and I go to our friend L and J’s home? Please? Pretty please?” I am impressed by the depth of feelings that pours out of Pattu’s voice. “No! You … Continue reading Girlfriends

Of friends, food and fun

We lay across from each other, half reclined, bodies settled in a comfortable nooks as we traded quips, exchanged parenting hacks and talked about our lives. The clock neared midnight and I half expected her to turn into a pumpkin and the weekend to be a particularly pleasant dream from which I was waking. A … Continue reading Of friends, food and fun

Leaving a trail of sentiments

She flitted into my life, like a butterfly one day in the past year - bright, cheerful and full of energy. Her expressive eyes filled her face imbuing it with a spark that rarely left a person untouched. Her hands told a story of their own as her voice modulated up and down animating the … Continue reading Leaving a trail of sentiments

When the forces collude

Recently, I have this new-found love for all things weather. I follow weather pages, twitter handles that discuss weather and scan maps from different models to see what the next week or a few days out will look like. I plan ahead, reschedule doctor appointments and work around having to drive when the roads are … Continue reading When the forces collude

Investing in relationships

Every week, some times in the afternoon, some times late at night, I get a call or a message on GTalk. Questions that are insightful as well as reflective. They probe into how I am feeling, they offer support when I have not really asked for it out loud. Mostly they are there, silent company … Continue reading Investing in relationships

Cup of joy

The phone rang and I pushed my chair back as I realized it was my Amma. Sensing it was a good time to take a break. I walked over to the kitchen and glanced at the clock. Tucking the phone between my neck and ear, I started on the dishes. Minutes passed and the sink … Continue reading Cup of joy

Friends. For life.

It is mid afternoon. The kind of day when the sun is out, the bees are buzzing and spiders are dozing in the folds of your blinds. I stood by the sink and wrapped up a conversation with my best friend. Putting the phone back in its holder, I felt cheerful. My mind raced planning … Continue reading Friends. For life.

Whither friendship?

This past weekend amidst other things, each time I logged into FB, I saw a spate of "Happy Friendship day!" messages. Each time I smiled without fail. A trace of sarcasm escaping with the smile. Then the work week happened and a friend of mine said something along similar lines over email. That got me … Continue reading Whither friendship?

Something Borrowed. Something Convoluted.

I borrowed this book from my neighbor one day last week when I needed a good dose of girlfriend talk. After spending the evening eating bhajias and drinking aam panna, I left for home in the rain, this book clutched to my bosom. It lay on my side table untouched for a couple of days. Then … Continue reading Something Borrowed. Something Convoluted.

Friends are like wine…

they get better with age. This weekend, the whole van-load of us, K, my mom, the girls and I decided to brave our first road trip of sorts. It was not one long stretch rather a day full of driving with breaks in between. The girls fared well and we ended our day with dinner plans … Continue reading Friends are like wine…

Some good, some bad, all memorable

Continuing with the spring purge I started a week back, I attacked my contacts list with gusto knowing full well that I surely was not in touch with the 700 odd people the machine said were on my contacts list. Scanning the list quickly, some names popped out. Some had a vaguely familiar ring to … Continue reading Some good, some bad, all memorable

Blurring the lines

One windy afternoon in the early 1990's, I tied raakhi to my close friend in college. At the time I did that I did not give it much thought other than to express my affection for this big burly friend and perhaps expected a kit kat or dairy milk in exchange. The look in his … Continue reading Blurring the lines

Wishes from miles away

Bubbly, breezy, she entered my life many, many years back. Till date, when I think of her effervescence is the word that comes to mind. While I wish her a lovely, lovely day and hope the year(s) ahead will be filled with joy for her. I want to share this video that I love and … Continue reading Wishes from miles away

A surprising evening!

Returning from a Veda class K is part of every Thursday when I am away learning business, he casually mentioned a Satyanarayan Puja at one of his classmate's place. Weary of pujas and trying to express my new found skepticism for anything to do with religion and faith I paused before I asked if he … Continue reading A surprising evening!

How often is often enough?

Let's go to New Jersey this weekend I said. K nodded. Pausing a bit, he asked "Whom do you want to meet?" Reeling off a couple of names, I bit back my tongue and said I did not want to meet everyone we usually did. For the next few minutes, I went into detail of … Continue reading How often is often enough?