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The children troop in, one after another, tired, messy hair and cold. The routine is the same every day. I insist they put their boots away, hang up their jackets and use the bathroom before snack time. I stand by the kitchen island, three bulging school bags lined next to each other. I am methodical. […]

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A Cake For Those Humdrum Days

A long while back, I tried my hand at noting down recipes on a different blog. I did it sporadically and eventually gave up. Now that I stay home and cook many meals a week, a lot of my life revolves around food and the making of it. Instead of compartmentalizing parts of my life […]

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Yeh Dil maange more

In the early days when the idea of being pregnant was just sinking in, one of my first thoughts was food. Pregnancy myths and stereotypes. I waited for the dreaded morning sickness or all day sickness to take over. I imagined myself feeling revolted by the idea of food. I imagined forcing Saathi to make […]

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Fear to hope and beyond

Sounds of merriment trickled down the stairs as the twins used our bed as a trampoline jumping and landing on their bottoms only to pick themselves up and start all over again. Down a floor below, I stand in front of the burner pan roasting vegetables for our dinner. I scan the stove in front […]

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Brownies beware

The shift has been gradual. So slow that I have trouble admitting it to myself. That I love my carbs is common knowledge. Over the past few months, I have gone from the person mocking at Saathi for his abominable fixation with vegetables to the one on whom the joke is. While what I consume […]

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A tinge of sadness

Ready to call it a day, I logged into my GMail Account one last time before I shut the laptop and saw an email from a local restaurant. I had signed up for its reward program seven years back. Every year, they sent me a 25$ gift card for my birthday and K and I […]

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Adai – Thick lentil and rice crepes

Background: Adai or Adai Dosai as K likes to call it is a staple in our home. Unlike Dosai that required using a grinder to make the batter and enough time to let it ferment, this crepe is made in half a day. Its healthier and provides ample scope for improvisation. Stuff you will need: […]

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Commonplace becomes exotic.

With class cancelled today, I was thrilled with the prospect of ‘me’ time. Waving bye to K as he left for his weekly class, I turned my attention to the full sink. Working methodically, I cleaned the kitchen and caught up with the day’s events with mom over the phone. Chopping tomato, onion, ginger and […]

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When pride goes before a fall

Over the years K’s incessant praise has gone to my head when it comes to cooking. With every passing year, I lorded over my kitchen with the confidence of a master chef who’s arrogance is forgiven because of the quality of food that comes out of the kitchen. Yesterday however, witnessed a fall of epic […]

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Simple weekend joys

Most people I know had a four day weekend, but not K and I. What we did have however was a weekend full of food and friends like any Thanksgiving should be. I realized how much I love food and cooking when I was in front of the stove at 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon whipping […]

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A bountiful harvest!

Not long back, like I mentioned here, K and I decided to go green and plant some seeds in planters on our little deck. When we embarked on the project, we did so without expectation. The idea was to get started, learn on the way and enjoy the process. Two months later, our plants are […]

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Where have you been? Rice is 22$ a bag now!!

Helloji!! smiled the man at the counter of our local Indian grocers. “Been a while since I saw you here” he said in Gujarati accented Hindi. Saathi and I smiled, paused at bit by the counter and inquired after him and his family. “I have been wanting to reach you the past week” he emphatically […]

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