A Tale Of Two Mothers

  We roamed the mall side by side, me in my elastic waistband lounge pant and she in her jeans. We gawked the name brand stores, stepped inside H&M and walked out with bags. We sat by the water fountain, cups of coffee in hand and a box of pretzel bites on the table before … Continue reading A Tale Of Two Mothers

It is a man’s world

It is a man's world. I sit on the sofa, my baby cooing and gurgling in the bassinet in front of me. A phone conversation happens in the kitchen that I hear snippets of. I hear laughter and gossip. I hear recipes being exchanged. Then I hear something that makes me sit up. "Penn porandhapla … Continue reading It is a man’s world

Feminism. Hmm!

I sat on the recliner, laptop perched on my lap, glasses sliding to the tip of my nose, watching with bated breath as the stock markets opened for the day. It was my first day home after I switched to part-time. Amma bustled around the kitchen looking irritably at me as I sat un-budging. Why … Continue reading Feminism. Hmm!

On my mind this morning

Late yesterday I was trying to put my thoughts together on the topic of abuse within normal homes for Sa and kept meandering. There is so much I want to say but words just don't fall together like they aught to. Struggling for a while I gave up and switched on the TV to this. … Continue reading On my mind this morning

Stereotypes, Songs and Musings

Listening to this song from Autograph, I was mesmerized by the voices of the people singing it and lost in memories of watching this movie with K when a couple of lines I was humming along jumped out at me. The harmony was lost and my train of thoughts went down a different path. Actually … Continue reading Stereotypes, Songs and Musings

Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time

Logging on to Google Reader, I saw many on my list link back to the Pink Chaddi Campaign. I was intrigued by the name and read on to nod my head in agreement and smile with amusement. I will definitely raise a toast to Indian Women this Saturday. As far as the pink chaddi goes, … Continue reading Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time