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Lucky Dad, Lucky Us

I sit on my recliner idly browsing through pictures on my phone. Marking a particularly nice one as favorite, I turn to show it to Saathi only to find his seat empty. I instinctively turn toward the kids and he is on the floor, Pattu on his lap. The three kids are enjoying their homemade […]

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Father's Day, Thank You

Full circle

The packages come in the mail, staggered over a few days. Clothes lie heaped on the table in the eat-in kitchen. I have Ammu and Pattu wear each piece scanning critically for a ‘passable’ fit. I have learned the hard way to order sizes they can grow into. Saathi stands by the kitchen island sorting […]

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Looking forward. Looking back.

I am by your side on the passenger seat. You are at the wheel, a picture of concentration. Your eyes scan the road, the rearview and the mirror that reflects our children. I notice a smile cross your face involuntarily as you watch Ammu fiddle with something on her side. That smile that is at […]

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Appa, Father's Day

Daddies near. Daddies far.

I watch fascinated as your eyes glow and your arms wave as you describe the conversation Ammani had using the cucumber as a phone. You are besotted I think. I watch as you patiently clean soiled underwear while your daughter stands oblivious to the mess she is responsible for. I watch as you fold away […]

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