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Curried Brussel Sprouts

Background: The past few months have K and I hooked to the eat real food movement. Slowly we have shifted from Canola oil to Coconut oil. Vegetable oil spread to butter. Sparing use of coconut to liberal use of coconut. Wheat to rice. 2/3rd cup of rice from 1 cup of rice per meal. The […]

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Dosa Mogalai Podi – A tambram kitchen essential

Background: Growing up the standard evening tiffin in our home used to be the ubiquitous dosai with molahai podi. Chutneys and sambar were for when we had guests or when we were guests at other peoples’ homes. Having said that I never realized there would be a day when the common dosai mohalai podi would become exotic. This weekend with Amma […]

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Puran Poli – A labor of love.

Background: Puran poli is one of my all time favorite sweets. It is one of those dishes that are made occasionally when people visit or for festivals though nothing specific comes to mind. For me it is a labor of love. Mixing, measuring, grinding and patting it in shape. Amma pours her love into it […]

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