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Waiting For The Shoe To Drop

The sound of drums and cymbals reverberate through the house. I am at the stove sauteeing a mix of onions, tomatoes, ginger and curry leaves. The smell is sharp, pungent and reminiscent of my past. Saathi is sprawled on the sofa watching the Wimbledon Mens Semi-Finals the way I get immersed in books. I envy […]

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The view out the balcony mirrors my mood. Patches of grey sky peek in between the dense upper branches of the tree by the apartment block. Dead limbs hang limp. Tiny buds peek through the very tips of the healthy ones.  I hear raised voices again from the other side. I feel my body shake. […]

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Living in the now

The is little light filtering into the dining room where I sit. The blinds are down. The heating system wheezes as it deals with the cold outside. The kitchen window is in my peripheral vision and all I see is gray. Strains of a sweet childish voice singing herself to sleep trickles down. A smile […]

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Mmm! This smells good!

I sit by the breakfast table. The low hanging light fixture gives off a mellow glow. The wide glass door behind me is screened with a blind. It is dawn and the sun is just breaking. Pattani who has been waiting eagerly for me to join her, clambers on to my lap, her milk-bottle in hand. Adjusting herself […]

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