Little People Problems

"I can't believe foreigners are in our apartment!" "Won't they think India is dirty?" Her face wrinkles in concern as she eyes Ammu and Pattu as they soar on the squeaky swings. I look at them too and answer the girl in front of me with questions of my own. We trade replies and she … Continue reading Little People Problems

The Golden Son by Shilpi Gowda – A well crafted story

   The book has been on my desk for a few weeks now. I follow the author and her agent on Twitter and won an autographed copy in a giveaway. Waiting for my laptop to finish updating, I picked it up and started reading.  Getting to bed well past midnight, the thing that struck me … Continue reading The Golden Son by Shilpi Gowda – A well crafted story

Parenting conundrums

I put away clothes and tidy up the bedroom picking up stray doll parts and mini bags stuffed with blocks. The TV blares from downstairs as the Colts play the Chiefs. Saathi's voice modulates as he explains the game to the girls. I smile as straighten the bed and fold the warm throws. As the … Continue reading Parenting conundrums

For the men in my life

With the alarm going off at an ungodly hour this morning, I quickly realized it was Avani Avittam aka Yajur Upakarma. The one day in the year set aside for celebrating the time tested rite of passage for men. A day for renewal and learning. I woke K up and promptly went back to sleep. … Continue reading For the men in my life

Unity in Diversity. Or not?

For the longest time, this was one phrase that was representative of India for me. I am not sure if I picked it up from TV or if it was in my History or Geography books in school. Or perhaps the Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya short that was screened on Doordarshan. Whatever the origins of … Continue reading Unity in Diversity. Or not?

A rustic, light hearted, offbeat comedy

This weekend K and I caught this rather simple rustic tale on DVD. The movie is Welcome to Sajjanpur by Shyam Benegal. We picked the DVD at our local desi grocer. The name intrigued us as well as the reco that came with it. It sat on our coffee table for a week before we … Continue reading A rustic, light hearted, offbeat comedy

Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

If you were not aware already, I document evidence of my kitchen experiments here. Yesterday SLK left a comment that had me smiling. And thinking! If you haven't hopped over to see the actual comment, the gist of it is that most South Indians specially after moving away from home tend to pick up global … Continue reading Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

Hyphenated. So what?

Sitting in class with my stat mid term paper in hand, brows furrowed looking for avenues to increase my score, I spied a section where I was given a zero. Flipping through the pages of my textbook to the part that 'inspired' my answer to that particular question, I found what I was looking for. … Continue reading Hyphenated. So what?

To nice new beginnings!

I was on my cell phone catching up with my sister after a long  time. I heard the home phone ring and saw it was my FIL from India. Hanging up in a hurry, K and I settled on the couch with the phone on speaker. "Happy Vishu!" said my FIL and went on to … Continue reading To nice new beginnings!

Commonplace becomes exotic.

With class cancelled today, I was thrilled with the prospect of 'me' time. Waving bye to K as he left for his weekly class, I turned my attention to the full sink. Working methodically, I cleaned the kitchen and caught up with the day's events with mom over the phone. Chopping tomato, onion, ginger and … Continue reading Commonplace becomes exotic.

A surprising evening!

Returning from a Veda class K is part of every Thursday when I am away learning business, he casually mentioned a Satyanarayan Puja at one of his classmate's place. Weary of pujas and trying to express my new found skepticism for anything to do with religion and faith I paused before I asked if he … Continue reading A surprising evening!

The Magic of Kohls.

No. I am not talking of the retail giant. This weekend K and I were invited to a puja at a friend's house. There was to be some chanting followed by bhajans. It has been a while since I was part of a group prayer and I was looking forward to it. Saturday also being … Continue reading The Magic of Kohls.

It is written. No?

Following Manchus comment here, I couldn't help but pen down my thoughts on the ceremony yesterday. It was probably the first time I have paid the Academy Awards this much attention. There are snatches from previous ceremonies like when Halle Berry won that are etched in my mind. For some strange reason I even remember … Continue reading It is written. No?

One year. One million memories.

A year back you came into this world. A year back, I saw my FIL transform into this hopelessly besotted person who could not stop raving about you. This one year has seen you capture hearts, build bridges, bring families together. As the crowd of family, friends and strangers jostle to wish you today, your … Continue reading One year. One million memories.

The Story Of India

For those interested, PBS has this show that premieres Jan 5th 2009 at 9:00 PM EST that traces the history of India from a very long time ago to now. It is a six part series two of which will be aired back to back tomorrow. More on this can be found here on PBS … Continue reading The Story Of India

At crossroads in my belief system

I grew up in a conservative, rather traditional tambram family. Observing practices like ecchal, patthu, theetu and madi*. I never thought too much about it but for the theetu part. I know much has been said about it in various posts on the blogosphere and I am not bringing it up again. I also grew … Continue reading At crossroads in my belief system

Ganga Snanam Aacha?

With all the excitement surrounding one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India I couldn't help but reminisce on the Deepavali's past in my life. And yes I refuse to call it Diwali. I grew up celebrating Deepavali and I will continue to address it that way 🙂 Much like Chennai and Madras I … Continue reading Ganga Snanam Aacha?

My Life. My Way.

"Blog podalaiya?" (No blog yet?) queried my mom over chat. I thought for a minute and said "Nothing to write about." Pat came the response " Why don't you write about the emotional loneliness that parents go through when their children disappoint them?" My mind went "What about parents who cannot look past their expectations … Continue reading My Life. My Way.

What Will Others Say?

"Our neighbour has invited me to receive thamboolam..." said my mom and trailed off. I could visualize what the rest of her sentence would look like. I wanted her to go of course but the conversation eventually wound up with "What will others say?" This is typical of most of the conversations I have with … Continue reading What Will Others Say?