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Daycare, Me Time and All That Jazz

We set off, Laddu and I each morning. Today she is in an orange dress, a ball of sunshine herself. I belt her in, put her lunch bag on the passenger seat, slide in, turn the radio on and off we go. My fingers keep time with the music on the steering. Her silver anklets […]

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I wave bye to my identically dressed daughters staring at the road long past the time it took for the car to disappear from sight. I walk back reluctantly, slowly. Last days like first days are momentous. They bring back memories. They run like montages at the back of your mind intruding into your consciousness […]

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Lessons learnt… so far.

A little over a week since the girls started daycare. Reviewing the past ten days, this is what I have learned. Jotting it down here as a record for posterity. 1. Kutties have figured out that this is for the long haul and their faces change as soon as they see the school building. 2. […]

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Do tell

When it came time to drop your little one in a daycare (home or school) how did you do it? Did it cold turkey. Dropped baby off and did not turn back Dropped baby at school. Spent a few minutes playing and snuck out when I would not be missed. Walked in, put baby down […]

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