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Eating my words

I am on the floor, sitting on a padded mattress, Laddu sitting by me as I watch five girls, two of mine take positions on the dance floor. They are laughing and giggling as they figure out where each person needs to stand. The music begins and they groove, their arms and legs moving off […]

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That’s some dance!

Random YouTubing got me to this. A dance choreographed by Nakul Mahajan for the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance”. I was smiling all the way through the end. So, what do YOU think? I think it is freaking awesome 🙂

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Fear of letting go

No. Not another post about relationships. Today Saathi, his dad and I were at my brother’s community visiting friends to see their Golu and receive thamboolam. After the cursory visits we all went to their community hall where a huge group of desis were practicing for their Diwali program in November. Since the actual function […]

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