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Looking forward. Looking back.

I am by your side on the passenger seat. You are at the wheel, a picture of concentration. Your eyes scan the road, the rearview and the mirror that reflects our children. I notice a smile cross your face involuntarily as you watch Ammu fiddle with something on her side. That smile that is at […]

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Daddy Daughter Wars

It starts innocuously enough. I steam the rice on high, fluff it with a fork and set it on the island. “Are you sure they can eat it without yogurt?” You ask, the demand hidden behind the question. I acquiescence my head demurring. I set the two bowls out and your dad rounds the two of you up and […]

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Daddy’s Daughters

“Hugssss!!” “Hugss” repeats Cee endearingly stretching her arms sideways from her high chair. I stand half amused watching K shuttle between the girls dispensing hugs, healing boo-boos and planting kisses on chubby cheeks. Over the past year I have watched K evolve as a father. He is their primary care giver and by that commands […]

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A mighty fine daddy!

Da-da-dada-da! trickles a voice floating down the balcony filling up the kitchen and in turn my heart making me go all mushy. I hear happy shrieks and giggles follow your voice and I know upstairs there are three beings who are in a state of complete bliss in each other’s company. Sometimes you are with […]

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