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Let me be

Tuesday’s class on leadership and personal development saw among other things personality profiles. We did the Myers-Briggs Assessment and I was classified an ENFP which did not surprise me one bit. As we talked about how awareness of our tendencies can help us in our personal lives one thing that the guest speaker said stood […]

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People or Places?

Sadly you are in for a few more trip related posts before I slip back to my normal “blast from the past” posts like Roop calls it. 🙂 She also passes on the Brilliante Weblog Award which I am thoroughly grateful for. There are plenty of people I want to pass it on but that […]

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Once upon a train

There were two wide eyed chatty girls moving away from home for the first time. Their daddy dears accompanied them to the then happening city that was Bangalore. Settling in to a new hostel, shopping around for essentials and getting to work first day was eventful but what followed in the years following was even […]

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